Wisdom, the rarity of it is astounding

Wisdom, the rarity of it is astounding. Everybody wants it and so few people seem to have it.

As a society, we are wisdom poor. We’re in the midst of a wisdom drought.

We elect politicians instead of statesmen who legislate benefit instead of guarding liberty.

Culturally we worship deviants who make millions pretending to be someone who they aren’t. We give them an enormously influential stage because their memorization abilities. They call it acting.

Educators discovered they could form unions and lobby their ways to untouchable job security and obscene vacation time, with barely proving their competence.

Wisdom. When was the last time that you described someone you know as truly wise?

I’m not talking about intelligence. Throw book smarts out the window. When I say wisdom, I don’t mean for you to start counting degrees or titles.

Don’t even mention Twitter followers to me.

Wisdom, the weaving of a threefold cord of knowledge, experience and plain old common sense, takes time.

You can be born rich. Or, poor. You can be born with good strong genes. But, you can’t be born wise. Doesn’t happen.

As much as you might want to believe that you hit a triple because simply because you woke up on third base. Wisdom isn’t doled out like EBT cards are.

Like a hidden treasure, only after years of searching, do a handful of people unearth wisdom.

The sage is rare. The expert is hard to find.

But why? Why is wisdom so hard to come by? Shouldn’t such an important commodity be abundant and readily available?

The irony is that it is. At least a good start to wisdom is readily available.

Philosophizing allowed a truly wise man to arrive at the following conclusion.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom…Psalm 111:10

I imagine that he looked back over his life – victories, mistakes, heartaches, moments of prudence and what not and pinpointed when the arc of his life began to come back around.

He started getting wise when he started to fear God.

That’s it. The secret of how to start to become wise..fear of the Lord.

Not many folks want to do that. That’s why wisdom is so rare.

In its pursuit, so few start on the right track. Wisdom, being readily available to all who would fear God, but shunned by so many.

Sadly, wisdom, and its rarity is astounding to me.

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  • Mom

    Mamaw and I went to my home county this week to visit two aunts and one uncle, ages 89, 89 and 90. I saw wisdom in their faces and their words. Each is prepared and looking forward to meeting their Savior soon. How blessed I am to have such a heritage of Godly family members. I know that not everyone is given this rare glimpse of wisdom. The confident joy and anticipation is so evident in their conversation that I feel closer to the Lord just being with them. Their homegoing will be a grand celebration of their long and Godly lives. They have walked in the fear of The Lord since their youth. This was true of your grandmother too, Michael. Though you never knew her, she showed wisdom and grace in the face of a painful death from lung cancer. She was kind to all who cared for her and never turned a visitor away. She spoke words of encouragement and thanks to the doctor and the housekeeper alike. Wisdom is rare, but must be sought and cultivated as we walk daily with the giver of wisdom.

    • http://cbcpm.net Michael

      Mom, thanks for the comments. One day I’ll be able to meet Nanny. Looking forward to you guys visiting soon.

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