Why is it?

question1024Why is it?

  • …that the only things that ever “ensue” or are “ensuing” happen in football? Either the “ensuing drive” or the “ensuing kickoff/kick return”.
  • …that nothing ever gets “scathed” but people always survived “unscathed”? I know, there have been “scathing rebukes” and other similar mishaps, but the verb is never used in the present or in the past participle. When was the last time that you read that both drivers left the scene of the accident “severely scathed”? Why not?
  • …that Johnny always gets to be on the spot? Or maybe it’s just that the magical spot, of which no one knows its magical existence until it appears out of thin air…maybe that spot give people temporary amnesia in regards to the occupier’s name.
  • …that no one is ever “standing pretty”? They’re always sitting pretty. If they were to stand up, do they suddenly become ugly, or less attractive in some way?

We need a ruling on these things. Let’s start by forming a committee in the comment section in order to set the record straight.

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