What’s For Lunch?

Can you guess what I had for lunch yesterday? This is a toasted egg salad sandwich with a side of pasta with pesto and black olives. Looks pretty good huh? Well, it was delicious! Eggs are expensive here though. Like $2.75 a dozen. Are that that expensive in the States? Pasta is cheap and the olives are cheap and are the best olives you’ve ever tasted. I bought these at the market just laying out in the open. I bought 1/2 kilo for about $1.50. (a little over a 1 pound) They bagged them in a plastic bag and I washed them off real good when I got home. I guess I’ve got to get used to buying produce in the open air. Also this lettuce is “to die for”. Forget that nasty ice berg lettuce back home. I never liked it anyway! Once you taste this stuff, you’ll never go back. It too is very cheap!—Potatoes are about .35 cents for 2.2 lbs!! We’ve eaten potatoes every night for supper. I’m running out of ways to fix them. So if you have a good potato recipe, please send it to me!

Need to run and fix Sunday dinner. Potatoes again…..

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