Whatcha’ Preaching – The Divine Power in Christmas

For me this 2012 Christmas season hasn’t just been about the divine providence in the Savior’s birth, but it has also been about the divine power in the Savior’s birth, the divine power in Christmas. The biblical story of Jesus’ birth is filled with miracle after miracle. Elisabeth’s womb was opened. Zachariah’s mouth was shut. A future prophet praised God from his mother’s womb, months before he was to be born. A virgin conceived, a heavenly host appeared to shepherds and a star guided wise men from the east.

While I’m not exactly sure how to prove this, I believe that during the period leading up to and just after the birth of Jesus, more miracles were performed in that period of time than in any other throughout the Bible.

I’ve recently meditated on two simple adjectives that describe God’s power for us, and I’d like to share just a little of this with you today. I’ve though about God’s power like this:

  1. Sovereign Power – Luke 1:37…He answers to no one. He asks no one permission. He is limited by nothing and strengthened by nothing. He is completely free to do as He wishes…when, how, and where He wishes. There is nothing that anyone can do to stop Him or alter His plans. As the angel Gabriel accurately described in Luke 1:37, “For with God nothing is impossible.” Don’t lose sight of that as we celebrate Christmas and enter into a new year. It remains just as true today as it did when Gabriel spoke those words. With God nothing is impossible. If you can conceive it, He can create it. Just as a barren womb proved no difficulty at all for God in Elisabeth’s day, just as human conception without an earthly father proved no difficulty at all for God, high unemployment means nothing to Him in our day. His sovereign power is not tapped by unemployment or “global warming” or an exponential rise in the divorce rate. He is able to give you a job. He is able to sustain this earth, and He is able to fix your marriage.
  2. Saving Power – He didn’t just send an angel. Neither did He simply send His Son without a purpose or a reason. He sent a Savior, and at His birth, it was announced that He was given as a Savior to all the people (Luke 2:10-11). At the announcement of Jesus’ birth to the shepherds, there was a great light. It was night and the Bible tells us that as the angel appeared, the glory of the Lord shone round about them (v. 8). God has the same effect on a soul when He saves it – a dark place suddenly becomes filled with light. Night was transformed into day when Jesus entered our world, just as within your soul the eternal brightness of the sun of the Savior shines once you are born again in Him. Not only was darkness changed to light, but work was turned into worship. What started out as just another day “at the office” or in this case a night in the fields, suddenly turned into a church service. First the heavenly chorus filled the skies saying, “Glory to God in the highest. Peace on earth, good will toward men.” Then the shepherds participated after seeing the fulfillment of the promise they were given in the field. The Bible tells us that after seeing baby Jesus, the shepherds returned, “glorifying and praising God.” When Christ lives in your heart, any day can and should be a day filled with glorifying and praising God. That is the power of Jesus. He is a Savior that brings light and joy.
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