Whatcha’ Preaching Pre-empted by VBS (Day 3)

I asked another pastor to fill the pulpit today because of our 3 day VBS that finished yesterday afternoon. So, instead of our regular piece here about today’s message, I’ll give you a few thoughts about our last day with the kiddos.

VBS wouldn’t be complete without a water balloon melee. So, before we get to the more important stuff. Take a peek at the campers as they try their best to soak the staff with as many balloons as they can get their little hands on.

The last day of VBS was a blessing with 27 children present. At various times during the day there were clear presentations of the gospel, with both the wordless book and a bracelet with symbols that tell the gospel story. Special thanks to the First Baptist Church of Aledo, TX who sent the bracelets via King’s Witness.

Witness Wear

At the end of the day, each camper left with a John/Romans, a tract, a bag of goodies, a certificate of participation, their crafts, and many memories. The last of which we pray will have an eternal effect on each life.

We spent a lot of time over three days trying to reinforce the gospel by asking the kids what they learned each day. However, it wasn’t just the kids who had the privilege of learning Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

All smiles from the Staff

This week these kids reminded me…

…that kids in a small village in northern Portugal do have manners, and generally obey when they are asked to do something.

…that kids want to be loved and desire for someone to pay attention to them.

…that kids can retain a ton of information when it is presented on their level and they have a desire to learn.

…that nothing that is done well is done alone. I am very appreciative for those who took part in planning, working, teaching and giving.

…that parents are thankful when someone takes an interest in their child.

…that a tiny plastic bladder filled with water is the great equalizer.

In all we had a tremendous time, we are very tired and are anxious to build upon this first experimental VBS.

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