What John saw in Jesus: 5 Doctrines that Preach the Gospel

This is the first in a series that I’ll be posting here as we walk through the book of John. I’m going to try to go chapter by chapter and pretty quickly, not getting bogged down on too many details. I pray that it edifies you and would love to hear from you in the comment section as always.

I’d love to tell you about the day that Nina and I met. I’d use the highest language and metaphors that would make you re-live that moment with me. You’d remember it for about 10 minutes. Maybe. Then, it would be on to the next thing.

But, in those ten minutes…it would be the greatest love story ever told.
I could explain to you how she marked me when I was fourteen and how nobody understood me like she did. Till this day, nobody even comes close.
I could tell you that she completes me, and that would be true.
I could wax poetic about how she’s perfect for me and she’s perfect to me. I could keep it simple and clichéd, telling you that she knows me like no one else in this world knows me. I could tell you that I need her like a diabetic needs insulin. I can’t and don’t ever want to live without her.
I want you to know all of those things.
I want you to know that if she were to die, trying to live without her would kill me too. It’s true.
But it’s not all.
Rip my heart completely out, but if she left me, I could go on. If she passed away, I’d get up the next day because of one other person.
The Life. The Word. Jesus.
I met Nina first, but He already knew me. She marked me first, but He marked me worse.
I could tell you that Nina completes me, but that would be only partially true because in Jesus is life and that life is “the light of men.”
No man is complete without Him.

So when I read John 1, I see an introduction. I see someone who met Jesus and began to try to tell all that He is.

In the first chapter of John’s biography of Jesus we understand enough to know that Jesus is the only one that no one should try to live without.
The disciple that Jesus loved wanted everyone to know six truths about the most important person he would ever meet.
Here they are. Don’t miss ’em. You’ll never be complete if you do. You’ll never be whole if you don’t grasp that:
  1. Jesus is GOD. The very first thing that John wanted everyone to know about Jesus was His divinity. He was there in the beginning. When only God was there, Jesus was there because He is God. The Word was God. (John 1:1) He participated in creation. He was present all throughout the Old Testament and didn’t simply appear for the first time that night that Mary gave birth.
  2. Jesus is Light. As that Light, He shone in the darkness to bring light to the ignorant. He came to enlighten people, and they rejected the Light. Jesus wants to remove your doubt. He longs to clarify those things that you just don’t get. The irony and misery is that though He came to shed light, so few see. So many remain in darkness. (John 1:5)
  3. Jesus is a man. The Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us. (John 1:14) He was tempted in all points like as we are, yet he sinned not. He’s not Superman, impervious to pain. He can be touched with the feelings of our infirmities. He loved and laughed. He wept. He died. He’s human and yet He’s divine. There’s no one like Him.
  4. Jesus is the Lamb. Humble. Sacrificial. Innocent. Vicarious. He is the Lamb that takes away the sin of the world. (John 1:29, 36) In His death, He took away the sting of death for the believer, for us. He will one day wipe away all sin. Completely. Forever and from all of creation.
  5. Jesus is the Anointed of God. That’s what Messiah means. The Anointed of God is what the Bible means by the word Christ. (John 1:41) The Messiah, the Anointed was the one that all of the Jews were waiting for then and sadly, many are still waiting today. They don’t realize that Jesus is the Christ, the Promised One, the Savior, Ruler and King. John saw it in His day, and we can see it in ours. A few times John references another title that doubtless spoke of this awaited Leader. In verses 34 and 49, he is called the Son of God. Relationally, it has a different connotation, the thought of God giving His Son for us. Yet, here it serves as more a reference to Jesus’s messianic properties of being anointed or chosen.
Putting all of these parts together, we see the Gospel. Jesus, the God-Man came to earth, shone His light, gave Himself as a sacrifice for sin and will return one day as promised to rule and reign.
All of that in first chapter.


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  • Mom

    I so love your description of your most intimate earthly relationship and how you used that as a bridge of understanding to what every person needs in that one relationship that is life in Jesus. I like the simple, direct approach of just digging in to John’s depiction of this beautiful story Jesus’ life. I’m looking forward to chapter two.

    • http://cbcpm.net Michael

      Thanks, Mom. Pray that the Lord would open His word to me and that I might be able to preach it faithfully and apply it properly.

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