Book Review: Growing Up

Ever since I read, Accidental Missionary by Steve Murrell, I’ve determined to make discipleship the clear focus of our ministry here in Portugal. For the last several months I’ve been saying over and over to our church that we need to make disciples who also want to make other disciples. … There's More →

Interview with Author Jeff Goins

Author Jeff Goins sat down with me recently to talk about his latest book, The In-Between. Please take a few minutes and check out our chat. The In-Between from Michael Andrzejewski on Vimeo. Jeff’s blog,, has a bunch of great articles and resources for writers. My review of his … There's More →

Secret Atheism

I’ve been searching all day for something on which I could meditate. I read about 10 chapters of the Bible. Nothing. Today, I read it more like the headlines, than a lifeline. I read it like a 6 year old eats broccoli – dutifully. Sadly, my devotions were done with … There's More →

Book Review – Side Effect Skinny: Denise Austin’s Fat-Blasting Diet

Normally when review books I try to stick to areas with which I’m most comfortable – pastoral care, family interests and church matters. Today, I’m stepping out of the comfort zone to let you know about a book that could very easily have a major impact on your life for … There's More →

What I’m Reading

I don’t know if you are like me or not, but at any one point in time, I’m likely to be reading 4-5 different books on 4-5 different topics. What I’m reading greatly influences what I’ll eventually teach, preach or counsel many times, but since moving to Europe, it has … There's More →

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