It’s time to engage!

Jesus didn’t save us to live in a bubble. He sent us to be witnesses in this world, and we become woefully poor witnesses when the only people we ever spend time with are people that look like us and talk like us and go to the same church that we go to. If you haven’t already, you need to pop the bubble.

At least stop to ponder taking a safety pin to that comfortable, quiet, insulating Christian bubble.

What’s it feel like outside the bubble? Different. Lonely, at first.

Imagine how Jesus must have felt. I’m pretty sure absolutely certain that he didn’t lock himself up in Joseph’s carpentry shed, hoping to meet someone more like him, that didn’t use foul language or listen to Hebrew Rock music.

So, let’s assume your outside of the bubble now. What do you do?

Borrowing a line from Elasti-girl in the Incredibles…

It’s time to engage!

Yep. You’ve got to get involved. Elasti-girl couldn’t do it all without Mr. Incredible’s help.

Absentee super-hero doesn’t work. Absentee dad doesn’t work. Absentee disciple doesn’t work either.

We’ve got to get the idea out of our head that people will come beating down our door just because we’ve got a steeple and a quaint saying on the signboard outside.

It’s not your Pastor’s job to be a witness for you.

Photo credit: Matt Gruber on

Photo credit: Matt Gruber on

It’s time for you to engage! Make new friends….wait for it….that don’t know Jesus.

Get to know people. Really, get to know people. Start with your neighbors.

Ask them questions. Become interested in their lives. Have them over for supper.

Some friends of ours invited a couple of new friends over for supper a few weeks ago. The new couple showed up with a case of beer.

Guess what. Nobody got offended or asked to leave. It’s just that the beer didn’t get consumed by our friends.

Build relationships. On purpose. Things may get a little messy. Your previously pristine hands may get dirty. That’s ok.

It will take some getting used to, but you can do it.

Wednesday night visitation has its place, but this is a whole lot more practical. It’s a whole lot more natural, and it’s a whole lot more effective.

When you engage, a couple of things are going to happen.

  • First, your burden for those who are struggling to navigate this stormy sea of life without Jesus will increase dramatically. Instead of looking through the judgmental lens of the Christian bubble, you’ll actually be looking through the biblical lens of mercy. Or love. You’ll start praying for them more. Your spiritual antennae will raise slowly and automatically like the ones on those fancy Caddys. Trust will be built, and then over time the second major thing will happen.
  • Secondly, the Lord will open a door for you to tell of your journey to Christ. Keep in mind, building a relationship doesn’t guarantee that the other person will trust Christ, but it does guarantee that they will know that someone loves them and is concerned about their well-being. You’ll have credit with them.

Pop the bubble. Engage someone today. Then do it tomorrow, and the next day.


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  • Mom

    I’m ready.

  • Dani Joy

    Great stuff!!! Preach it! Keep it coming!

    WE´ve been stepping out… it´s been scary… but amazing! Praying that it is impacting those around. Praying we are doing it the right way.

    God uses each of us in so many different ways. It is great to see how God is using you all in Barcelos!

    Keep stepping out and engaging!

    Dani Joy

  • Paul Richards

    Great website. Got a lot going on.what with the About, the Church. Enjoyed the post about getting our and engaging. How did you get permission to use the Incredibles and do you just cut and paste the first frame? What I liked about the ‘Time to Get Engaged’ is that I applied it to making friends. My wife and I have been traveling since May after selling all our possessions and our home . . .Hence our blog name “ Once we moved, we lost all of our friends. We’re starting over in Port Orchard, WA. in May, so your suggestion to get out and get engaged struck a note. Read several of your other posts. Well done. Good layout. Keeps you involved with a variety of options, but then, I haven’t been doing this blogging that long.
    Be well,

    • Michael

      Paul, thanks for the comment. I pulled the Incredible video from youtube and imbedded it into the post. I’m going right now to check out your site. I hope you’re successful in engaging your new culture. Keep at it and just don’t give up.

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