They Made It!

The Contreras Family, missionaries in Spain made it to our house last night after a 12 hour drive. I feel so bad that they would drive that far to spend 2 nights with us, but missionaries understand things like that. For the chance to meet other like minded christian workers in the cause of worldwide evangelism…I guess we’d do just about anything. We praise the Lord for their safe arrival.

Dani brought a gift for me from Pilar. Pilar and her family are also missionaries in Spain and had the Contreras family in their home prior to them coming here. Isn’t this Spanish plate beautiful?!

Thanks Pilar!

The kids are having a great time running and playing. They’ve already watched movies, played soccer, climbed trees, played with hamsters, thrown a baseball and they’re now in search of something else to do…..always something else. We’re about to go to a restaurant and introduce the Contreras family to Portuguese food and then to the park.

  • Custodio’s

    Are they american missionaries?? Where did you meet them? I am very happy for you!! Good to know that you are making new friends!!! Hope you guys have a wonderful time together!!

  • Betty

    Looks like you are having fun connecting! Have a happy Easter together!!

  • Starla

    Sounds like you all are having a wonderful time.

  • TCKK

    The plate is beautiful!!!! Sounds like the kids are having a ball. Have fun!

  • Mom

    Its great they got there safe and sad they can only stay 2 nights. Im just as excited as you are and Im not even there! It looks like the girls are having a good time ganging up on the one with the orange shirt.. I cant tell if its a boy or girl? The plate is very pretty. Im glad you gave us a picture of you and Dani. Well have a wonderful visit, stay up late and talk cuz you can sleep later.
    Love you, Mom

  • Jen

    Looks like the kids are having a ball!

  • Jungle Mom

    How wonderful to spend time with good friends. The plate is gorgeous.

  • Pilar Stark

    I am sure glad you liked your plate 🙂 be sure to enjoy it! You guys should have not been allowed to meet without me, so unfair… Hehehe I am so jealous though….. I am sure yall are having such a great time

  • Michelle

    What a pretty plate. I would just love it. Looks like you all had a wonderful time.

  • Dani Joy

    I still can´t believe I am sitting in your kitchen, bloggin with you! It´s too surreal. We are so thankful for all ya´ll. (I´m even catchin that beautiful southern drawl of yours. )

    I am so in awe at how the Lord has orchestrated all of our time together and how all the children have gotten along so well. Your girls are beautiful inside and out. (I wish Pilar could have been here too with her family but soon we can all meet!)

    Then to have my son´s birthday party was something I really didn´t expect to happen till we got back to Spain! Thanks for lettin us do the little party! what fun!! What noise!! jeje

    Oh and thanks for all the wonderful Coffee!!! LOL!!!

  • Amrita

    Hello everyone. You guys are having a super duper time. Wonderful. Have fun.

    The plate looks very Indian.Its lovely

  • Melissa Wertz

    I bet y’all are having so much fun! That kind of drive is like driving from here to WDW. With one lunch break and a couple of potty breaks. Maybe one snack break. Sometimes, we can make it in 10 hours.

    You will have to take photos and report what you are doing!!!

  • Tori

    Oh wow, I’m so jealous!!! What a treat and I’m sure you two hit it off great.
    Seems like the kids had a great time despite a gender wall, who wouldn’t with hamsters?

    So glad you had a good time!

  • thedomesticfringe

    Nice plate. Nina, you’re looking really skinny. I’m green with envy.


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