The thing that Portugal needs most

According to my 13 year old daughter, the thing that Portugal needs most is…Froot Loops! We have Choco-Pic, Choco-choc and a whole bunch of other chocolate based cereals but no fruity cereals at all. The closest thing we have is a knock-off Corn Pops which is pretty gross.

Yesterday in the midst of Christmas shopping we made a special trip to the Liberty American Store (a specialty store flush with imported items solely from the US) where we bought a jumbo size box of Froot Loops and Lucky Charms. This morning as Justice finished off an equally jumbo size bowl Froot Loops, two of his older sisters decided they would help him polish off the remaining milk, and Brooklyn immediately followed by saying,

The thing that Portugal needs most is fruity cereal. Of food items…of food items! The thing that Portugal needs most is fruity cereal.

She and Faith discussed it for a few minutes, and I couldn’t help but ask her, outside of the food category, in her opinion what does Portugal need most.

Her response, without any coaching at all and without any hesitation whatsoever? One word.


She’s 100% correct, without a doubt.

  • William Harper

    We could use some good beef!

    • Michael

      Bro. Harper, in Portugal we’ve got beef, but it is pretty pricey. We don’t eat it very often at all, simply because of the price. Pork, with a little chicken and turkey here and there.

  • Mom

    Brooklyn, God is what America needs too!

    • Michael

      Mom, I’m glad the comments finally cooperated with you. I’ll make sure that Brooklyn sees your comment, and you are right, by the way. Love you.

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