The plan for tomorrow

Today’s Thursday and I have only posted once this week. My apologies to the handful of readers that stop by.

I could make an excuse about real life and all of that stuff, but you’ve heard it all before. In some ways it’s been a rather productive week. On the blog it’s been very slow.

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However, here’s the plan for tomorrow as written in my Moleskin (with slight alterations):

6-6:30 AM – Morning Run 
6:30-7 AM – Shower dress, etc.
7-7:30 AM – Prayer
7:30-8 AM – Devotional Reading
8-9 AM – Get kids ready and to school
9-11 AM – Write
11 AM -12 PM – Email, Lunch
12 – 2 PM – Sermon Prep
2 – 3:30 PM – Gym
3:30 – 5 PM – Visits, discipleship
5 – 8:30 PM – Family, Supper, etc.
8:30 – 10 PM – Read
10 PM – 12 AM – TV, Pillow talk, etc.
12 AM – Lights out

The 6 AM run is the toughest. It’s been in the moleskin for a while, but it hasn’t made it into practice just yet.

Most nights I’m not even home until midnight so 6 AM is tougher for me than for some who are able to start snoring at 9:30 PM.

Think I can do it? Cheer me on, and give me a little bit of your schedule in the comments. I’d love to know what tomorrow looks like for you.

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  • the domestic fringe

    You can absolutely do it!

    If it were me, I’d have to put the run in that writing slot, because I’m not coherent enough to run that early in the morning, but I’m sure you’re way more coordinated than I am, and it’ll wake you up for sure.

    • Michael

      I’m not coherent enough to write at 6am. Running gets the creative juices flowing for me.

  • Nina

    If you actually leave the ‘semi’ warm house at 6 am to run in the ‘semi’ dark village in which we live, I’ll be the first to congratulate you……(after I stop feeling lazy and sorry for myself for being so lazy, of course)

    But the rest of the day sounds do-able…..

    How about I post my schedule for tomorrow…or rather yet, tell about my day today? —-
    – I was yanked out of bed this morning by the mailman asking for $50 in import taxes to receive a box shipped from America. – I dressed, drank coffee and hung out two loads of clothes on the line. – Ran to the school to pick up Trinity who had a doctors apt. – Crazy Dr. who tried to speak to me in three different languages, with me finally pleading that he only speak Portuguese as his English and (Dutch maybe? ) was horrible. (Why would he think I understood dutch anyway? Or maybe that was just REALLY bad English?) – The clerk who told me no insurance companies in Portugal paid for simple urine analysis, and after a half hour of ME making phone calls on my cell phone, it was determined that OF COURSE they do! – Simple lunch at a sandwich shop with my Love and Trin, then back to the church for some spring cleaning. Even my sick 8 year old helped cleaning all the bathrooms and sweeping/mopping half the sanctuary. (Yes, she is for hire, if you’re interested.) – Then to the pharmacy for Trin’s meds. – Grocery store to pick up flour and bacon. – Home to referee between two kids that are about to kill each other, clean dog poo off the floor where someone tracked it into my kitchen. – Start mixing the dough for a triple batch of homemade biscuits. Fry the bacon, fry the eggs, and make the gravy. – We all sit down to a yummy southern breakfast at about 6:00pm. – Kitchen clean up and ironing for tomorrow have been accomplished, and we have 1 hour before service this evening. – I grab the clothes off the line. – Church will start at 8:30 and I hope to have everyone home and in bed by 10:30.

    That’s just sort of ‘skimming the top’……my day was way crazier than I can do justice in a blog comment…..

    But I wouldn’t trade my life for any ones…….
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    • Michael

      Done. We’ll talk more when you get up.

  • Mom

    I’m too tired yo read any more! HaHa. I think I could have competed with that schedule 20 years ago but I’m glad I don’t have to now. However, Monday I helped take care of a sick granddaughter amd great granddaughter, shopped for groceries for breakast for 50, cooked dinner, prepped breakfast, got in bed at 10. Back up at 4 and cooked breakfast. Mike drove me to the clinic where I used to work and I served breakfast to 50 of my wonderful friends and previous co-workers to celebrate 365 days of recovery from my injury. I guess I still have a little spunk left, but these days i could never keep up with you two on a daily basis. You are both amazing!

    • Michael

      Mom, you certainly could have kept up a few years ago. I’m so glad that you were able to cook breakfast for everybody that you used to work with. I’m sure they enjoyed it immensely.

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