THE Perfect Flower

Do they get any more perfect than the Calla Lily? These pretty things popped up in my yard again. I had no idea that they bloomed twice a year. The more I know about these boogers, the better I like them. They are so strong, yet delicate.

It’s been pretty normal around here for the last few days. Not much to report. However I do have something exciting to tell you.—My sweet husband has given me the ‘go ahead’ on a give-a-way! That’s right folks, a Give-A-Way! I’ve always had a great time participating in other blogger give-a-ways. Once I get the ‘loot’ I’ll be posting lots of pictures and the rules for the game. Stay Tuned!

  • Jungle Mom

    My daughter in law used these in her wedding, They were beautiful.

  • Tori

    Oh those are lovely!!

    So glad hubby said yes on the give-away, yummy! Can’t wait!

  • Pam–in Jerusalem

    Those flowers are beautiful!!

    A give-away sounds fun! I hope you don’t have to pay too much in shipping 🙁

  • thedomesticfringe

    What a beautiful flower!

  • Amrita

    My favourite flowers. Wedon ‘t get them here in India so i bought a plastic bunch

  • rita

    Just read your spotlight on Portugal and enjoyed it very much, beautiful photos. Then I jumped over to the calla lilies, ’cause they were very common and one of my favorites growing up in Argentina.
    I have a giveaway coming to an end, which my husband had to approve ’cause I’m giving away his pottery creations. I showed him the bit about Barcelos being known for its pottery.
    We are praying about going to Basque Country next June, have an invite from the family of the teen we hosted last summer. Great opportunity to penetrate that unreached people group.

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