The Best of…January

Nina started her blog, Portugal Bound, waaayyy back in 2007. It has gone through stops and starts and several iterations. With the increasing popularity and ease of Facebook along with the challenge of 5 kids in school, the ministry…etc, blogging has stopped being as much of a priority as it once was. However, together we fight the battle to keep you informed of our super-cool, minimally important goings-on.

With that said, when you don’t have anything to blog about, with 5 years worth of material, you can always do a “Best of” and show embarrassing pictures so that others can laugh about your deputation weight and general ignorance over the years.

So, like a really popular talk radio host would do when he wants to take a week off, we invite you to join us for the next edition of “The Best of…” as we look all the way back to 2008 with the Best of…January!

January 2008

Mission+Conf+2008+015Static Electricity – Remember that feeling..?..? When you were a kid and you tried to stick a balloon to the wall after rubbing it on your head?…or you walked around the house in your socks and accidentally touched the doorknob.. or maliciously tried to “shock” your brother? It was kind of fun when I was a kid, but not anymore. I think getting “shocked” is worse that getting a needle put in my arm!

Why? – Why would a 30 something couple uproot their family of seven and move across the Atlantic Ocean? Why would this same couple travel with their children all over the United States to raise support to make that move? Why would their friends and family stand behind them and support such an absurd idea? Well you see, it’s not about US at all.


January 2009

garageACS – Guest Blogger – I have been thinking about having an operation. Although I have yet to ask my physician about the condition, my powers of self diagnosis are rarely wrong. I have, in fact, lived in this same body for over thirty years. The only hurdle to my surgically enhanced well-being is current medical technology.

Transparency – I usually like it. I like knowing someones being ‘for real” and I like being “for real”. But the truth of the matter is that sometimes it hurts. Transparent is what I’m being today, and always….good or bad.

Friday Night Frights –  Having 5 kids in 7 years can be hard on one’s body (and..sanity) This includes teeth. Yes I had prenatal vitamins, yes I took them…cough cough most of the time. But about halfway through the populating of our family, my teeth started falling out…..with a little help of dental surgeons, pliers and a lot of force.

Monday Mayhem – I was barely out of bed and out of the bathroom when all three school girls came into my bedroom fully dressed, coat and backpack on, asking for me to help fix their hair. Wow….they must have really been looking forward to going back to school!

January 2010

shavingWhat is a Missionary? – Somewhere between saintliness and foolishness we find a curious
creature called a missionary. Missionaries come in assorted sizes,
weights, and colors, but all are sent by one Lord who commanded His
people to evangelize.

Zits, Shaving Cream and Hormones – Of all the gifts this boy got for Christmas, I believe his ‘shaving kit’ was his favorite! Sent to him from a precious supporting church in Kimberly, AL, Justice was ready for a bath the moment he opened it up. Complete with Transformers shaving cream, lathering brush and razor….he’s all set!

January 2011

DSC_0209Liberty’s 9th Birthday – This weekend we celebrated our third daughters birthday.  Born the smallest out of the 5 and still to this day remains that way….

  1. Liberty is a quiet and unassuming child.
  2. She doesn’t do well in crowds, but loves individual attention.  She’s sincere and will share her heart if she can trust you.

Janeiras – Singing in the New Year – The Janeiras is a Portuguese tradition and consists of a group of people strolling the streets of a town singing in the New Year. To the modern eye, Janeiras is like Christmas caroling as this tradition involves a group of friends or neighbors going from house to house singing and sometimes playing instruments. 
Traditionally, people go out to the streets to sing Janeiras between December 25 and January 6. While singing, they review the most important events of the year with a spirit of happiness and great humor. 

January 2012

BBQ1Churrasco (Shur-ha-scoo) – BBQ Brazilian Style – During a lunch conversation I had recently with a precious Brazilian friend of mine, she told me that she thought I’d do very well in Brazil. She said that I had the ‘lingo’ down.  I loved Brazilian food.  I was goofy and I liked to laugh.

Then I told her that I thought she’d do very well in America too.  She so sweetly tells me, almost daily, “Nina, I LOVE YOU!” (In English…just about the only English she knows!)  She despises apples dipped in peanut butter, but loves peanut butter balls.  She loves to have cook-outs (or “Churrasco” in Portuguese) and she’s the most giving person I know.

January 2013

Secret Atheism – I’ve been searching all day for something on which I could meditate. I read about 10 chapters of the Bible. Nothing. Today, I read it more like the headlines, than a lifeline. I read it like a 6 year old eats broccoli – dutifully.

Justified Rebellion – Am I justified in my rebellion to my husband when he sat me down this morning with a printed out calendar? (Thanks a lot Fringe Girl.)  A calendar he thought would help me ‘plan’ my future blog posts.  I just don’t feel the ‘anointing’ anymore….my writing days are done.  He has tried so hard to keep our blog going.

Wedding_ringsCulture of Bible – Have you ever asked yourself that question? Culture or Bible? Maybe not. Maybe you’ve lived your entire life in the same city or state and have been a part of one or at most a hand full of different churches.

What does saying “I do” really mean? – What does saying, “I do” really mean? In the context of marriage, what are you saying when you say, “I do.” or “I will.”? While there are a whole bunch of different wedding vows, when you say, “I do” traditionally you are saying that you promise to…


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    I loved the review. On your new blog I don’t see how to go back and read older posts. I often look for thinfs and don’t see them right before my eyes. Help.

    • Michael

      Mom, sorry about that. If you have something specific in mind, you can always use the search bar. If not, you can choose from the Categories pull down menu that list the number of posts associated with different topics. For a while I had a pull down menu that said Archives, but I’ve taken it off. I hope that helps. If it doesn’t I can consider putting the Archives back up.

    • Michael

      Also, if you are looking for recent previous posts…say, in the last 2 weeks or so, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click on “Previous” in the left hand corner.
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  • Nina

    I LOVE it when you do a “Best Of” post…..really do…Love it!
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    • Michael

      I LOVE it when you do any post….really do…Love it! I’m not being sarcastic. I love to read what you write.

  • Dani Joy

    I remember the erie spooky dark hallway with the dentist office visit!
    I love your best of posts too! – Dani

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