The Best of….December

Nina started her blog, Portugal Bound, waaayyy back in 2007. It has gone through stops and starts and several iterations. With the increasing popularity and ease of Facebook along with the challenge of 5 kids in school, the ministry…etc, blogging has stopped being as much of a priority as it once was. However, together we fight the battle to keep you informed of our super-cool, minimally important goings-on.

With that said, when you don’t have anything to blog about, with 5 years worth of material, you can always do a “Best of” and show embarrassing pictures so that others can laugh about your deputation weight and general ignorance over the years.

So, like a really popular talk radio host would do when he wants to take a week off, we invite you to join us for our first edition of “The Best of…” as we look all the way back to 2008 with the Best of…December!

ChristmasDecember 2007

Seven Weeks to Go – Our monthly support level is now up to just over 90%. We have about 7 weeks left until we leave.

Portugal! – Once you get past the weird smells, small cars that contain an obnoxious driver, and all kinds of sea life in the grocery stores that still have heads including eyes, you’ll have a great time.



DSCF1592December 2008

Monday Mayhem – We’ve had a wonderfully crazy day. It started this morning as we were getting things ready for our friends, the Mosley’s to arrive. Our buzzer rang with the delivery guy delivering yet another two boxes with late arriving Christmas gifts.

Fake Ice & Snow but Real McDonald’s – Trinity did not want to stand next to the ‘weird green guys’. Faith’s just a little too friendly!

Riding Hood & Jingle Bells – Last Tuesday, our little Faithy came home and
proudly declared that she would have to wear the same clothes to
school on Thursday. They were going to perform Red Riding Hood as a
class for the Christmas play.

December 2009DSCF4137

Nanny and PaPaw – Hope you all had a blessed Christmas! We are thrilled to have Michael’s Mom and Stepdad visiting us….our blessings just keep coming…..God is Good!

35 Reasons Why……..I love my husband. In honor of his 35th birthday today. Happy Birthday Love!

Another Holiday? – I don’t have a problem with it really…a holiday is a holiday and I’m for any day that I can sleep in. But my thought is this….Mary either had a really short or VERY long pregnancy, if she delivered on the 25th.



DSC_1511December 2010

A Million Pieces of Peppermint – In this humid environment, how do I keep them from getting sticky like all the other hard candy we’ve received over the years?  Within a month or two, they get all gooey inside the wrapper.

Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies – Finally, after trying various recipes, I found this one.  My friend Heather in Tennessee gave this recipe to another friend, Taunya….and it eventually made it’s way to me.




December 2012

Dog’gonit Crimson – This morning when I got  up there were two pretty silver wrappers on the kitchen floor.  Trying to clear my head and open my eyes fully I saw crumbs in the dogs bed and on the floor all around her.  Really Crimson!?!

Email is Not Immediate – I just had the funniest conversation with an older gentleman who owns the printing shop nearby the church. The shop is relatively small and the prices are good. However, as I found out today, the commentary can be a little amusing.

  • Michael-Nina Andrzejewski

    I LOVE it! It’s fun seeing/reading little snippets of our life over the last 5 years. The look on Trinity’s face next to the ‘weird green guys’, is priceless.


    • Michael

      If that is priceless, the swollen look that we all have before we came to Portugal is no less than frightening.
      Michael recently posted..Unreached people groupsMy Profile

  • Joseph-Danielle Contreras

    I love seeing your progress over the years. feel like a part of it. Thanks for sharing.

    God bless you this holiday greatly.

    Dani Joy

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