Thank You Heather!

This is Heather. (Pictured here with her ‘Booger Bear’, Liberty) She is a young lady from Living Waters Baptist Church in LaGrange, Georgia where my husband used to pastor. Whenever we had a birthday party for one of our girls, Heather would always give the girls some of the cutest clothes. I’d always get compliments on how cute the girls would be dressed and I’d have to admit that either Heather, her mom or her sister had bought them. These ladies know how to shop!–Well, with the school year just around the corner and no good places to shop here in Portugal, I called on my “personal shopper,” Heather. Would you take a look at what she and her family sent to us!! We are so excited. Fashion shows have been going on all day.

The package has arrived!

  • Pam–in Jerusalem

    Wow! What a sweet, sweet friend.

    A little off subject, but…
    My Pastor in Okinawa was from LaGrange, GA. Do you know Steve and Frankie Nutt?

  • Anonymous

    What a blessing! Thank you Heather! I know the children are loving this, and yes I bet they are having a wonderful fashion show. Thank you Thank you!

  • Nina in Portugal

    Bro. NutT used to be the pastor of the same church my husband pastored!! And he was one of the missionaries supported by the church!—Small world, huh?!

  • Anonymous

    Girls, you all look so beautiful. Thank you for the fashion show. Be sure and model for Mom on the first day of school. By the way, when is the first day of school?

    Love, Nanny

  • Pam–in Jerusalem

    Small world indeed… who would have thought that Japan, Israel, and Portugal would be connected by Georgia? Fun too… I feel like we have a neat little connection between us now 🙂

  • The Ballinger Family

    Oh me…God is so good! The girls look so cute in their new outfits.


    The outfits look so good on the girls. They look so precious. Heather is a very good friend, one that I am sure you value. The girls will look more than great on first day of school. connie from Texas

  • Starla

    Wow!!! Those are some pretty stylish clothes.

  • Tori

    Wow, and how can I get a hold of Heather? What a great friend. I need a persoanl shopper too, one that’s good like her!

    The girls all look so nice, she did a good job!

  • Sandy Sellers

    The girls look great. I bet that was so fun opening up the box. Christmas in July. Love you all.

  • Jungle Mom

    Heather is like a missionary’s dream come true! May she be blessed beyond measure for her ministry to your family! Amazing!

  • Erica Lynn

    Very cute! Your girls look great. It’s great to have friends like that.

  • HsKubes

    What a blessing to you and your family!

    I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and for the kind words you left. They were a blessing to me!

    ~ Christina

  • Heather Simpson

    How fun! Looks like everything was a perfect fit too!I wondered where you did your shopping…the girls always look so stylish, yet modest.They are a Beautiful Bunch! 🙂

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