Sushi What?

It was something I could have gone my whole life without trying. It wasn’t on my bucket list, nor was it even on the alternate list. ( I remember the feeling of not being chosen for softball all stars, but rather put on the alternate list! What?! Really?! )

However, when we received the call, the invite to lunch out ‘without kids’ I was thrilled.

Japanese might be one of my favorites. Sit down, sip on funny chicken broth while Mr. Cooker-Man (our kids call him) puts on a fascinating show right in front of you. Best part? The fire! Or maybe flipping shrimp tails in my husband’s coke!

But, Japanese here isn’t what I expected.

There was one lonely ‘Japanese style’ table in the corner and no Mr. Cooker-man present. Only a nice table with a menu of pictures. Point and nod and the smiling Japanese lady will bring it to you.

This is what arrived at our table.

And… Yes, of course I ate it.

I’m still trying to decide if I liked it.

– Nina

20120816-115149 p.m..jpg

20120816-115209 p.m..jpg

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