Shame on Me……

….for allowing a month to go by without posting! First of all, thank you for your prayers while I was sick.  It took a month, but I am finally back to normal and loving this beautiful spring/summer weather we’ve been having lately. The kids just went back to school yesterday … There's More →

Springtime Defined

Hat Chick recently asked what springtime meant to me. Well…here goes….. To me it means I get to use my clothes line again! This morning I was able to use it ‘officially’ for the first time this year. It means the kids have been using the swing in the olive … There's More →

Good Bye To Good Friends

Wednesday we hosted a BBQ with our friends and co-laborers to say goodbye to Leandro and Priscilla. They will be returning to Brazil the first of June. We wish them well and pray that God would give them clear direction for their future. It’s been a blessing getting to know … There's More →

Monday Mayhem

Does this sound like a Monday Mayhem to you? Sleep til 10:00. Leisurely drink two cups of coffee while still in PJ’s. Finally shower and heat up left-overs for lunch. Watch my 2 and 4 year old put snails all over their arms and toys. Organize a Treasure Hunt to … There's More →

Girls Rock!

A few Saturdays ago, my family and I went to see a professional girls basketball game. In Europe, basketball is a far second to their beloved soccer and I noticed a few differences between professional ball here and the States…. First and foremost it was FREE! There were about 30 … There's More →

Questions Answered – Part 3

More on the Portuguese culture: “Art” is everywhere…the kind that you and I would probably call pornography. (I’ll skip the pictures on this topic) My kids still point out all the “art-sy” pictures in every single store we go into. Always in English and always at a very high pitched … There's More →

Festival Pictures

After Mimi finally decided to get out of bed this morning, we headed downtown to the festival. The typical “market” items were for sell, plus other rides, exhibits, and a parade to end the day. After seeing the crowds that had gathered to see the parade, we decided we’d hang … There's More →

2 Hours and Counting….

In 2 hours I’ll leave with all the girls to pick Mimi up at the airport. Here is an example of the welcome signs the girls made. We are all very excited. I hope to be able to post while she’s here and show you folks back home the pictures … There's More →

Springtime Pictures

Pears Figs They were supposed to be picking up rocks… Salt -n- Pepper Vineyard Brookly & Faith…digging in the dirt Faith was the photographer. Not a good angle. Peaches I have no idea what these are. We call them “tee pees” Plums, we think.

Before and After

Here is a before and after shot of the vineyard next door to us. The first one was taken about a month ago. The second one was taken yesterday. I’m anxious for the grapes to grow and ripen. What fun I can have taking those pictures….

Guest Blogger and Lettuce Patches

This post is courtesy of my husband, Michael, who will appear from time to time as a guest blogger with all sorts of wonderful information. So, without any further delay………introducing Michael Andrzejewski. Thank you, thank you. I have heard so much about this wonderful blog and wanted to share just … There's More →

Meet Salt ‘n’ pepper

Yes, these are rodents, and yes, they are our pets…and YES I have lost my mind!~~~We wanted something for the kids. Something low maintenance that they could take care of themselves. Hamsters seemed like a good and cheap idea. These poor little guys (well..girls) have already gotten squeezed, dropped, and … There's More →

Sunday Stroll

Sunday after church we took a stroll on the beach. Here are a few pictures. Not the best quality, but pictures nonetheless. We are all doing well here in Portugal. Studying the language is difficult for me but I can see it all coming together now. The verbs that I’ve … There's More →

My Black Thumb

Brooklyn sitting under the tangerine tree, eating and reading. Two things she does best! Those of you who know me, know that I don’t do well with plants. That was always the joke when we were in LaGrange….when we only had girls…that I raised girls, not flowers. I always said, … There's More →

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