Snapping Beans

Nanny, this is for you.

Trinity and Justice wanted to help snap beans yesterday. There were more ends and strings in the bowl than there were actual beans, but we sure had a fun time together. I later went back through and cleaned them up. It always takes more time to let the ‘little ones” help out. I always find my ranch dressing in the pantry, or the peanut butter in the sink of dirty dishes. Usually where they try to help clean off the table. But one day, and one day soon enough, they will actually be a help. Right now….I can handle a few ends in my beans! These days with them will soon be gone.

  • Aurora

    They are so cute! Especially Justice with his “I’m making mischief but don’t you love me anyway” grin.

  • Anonymous

    That was such a welcome blessing. Thank you for thinking of me and bringing them right into my livingroom. How I miss having them run around in my kitchen and ask what they can do to help. You are so wise to include them. They are learning the joy and value of work. I love you.


  • Tabatha

    I enjoyed watching them, so sweet!!! Andrew “Cuddle Bug” was standing next to me watching Baby J and Trin. I reckon he misses y’all too!

  • Starla

    That is so cute!!!

  • Erica Lynn

    Good post. It is more work to let them “help” and in my selfish hurried state I sometimes deny their requests to help. Thanks for the reminder that it’s about the time we get with them.

  • Tracy @ our Journey

    So sweet! Pop over to my blog- I tagged you!

  • Tracy @ our Journey

    Hey…don’t worry about the meme…I don’t usually tag people, cuz I never know who has done them & who hasn’t. I think the Friday Foto is fun. Click on the Friday Foto logo on the sidebar and it will tell you the theme for each week. If you want, post a photo on your blog that goes along with the theme. Just let me know if you play and I will put a link on my post to yours.

  • Anonymous

    Those are some precious babies!!! And you’re right, one day we will look back on these days and miss them. I’m soaking it all in too!
    Love you guys,

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