In my previous post I asked you how you though we should celebrate being in Portugal for 6 months. Starla said, “eat ice cream.” But when you eat ice cream just about every night, that’s not really a way to celebrate. So I was thinking something a bit more exciting. Something a little more permanent….(not that the added pounds from all the ice cream isn’t permanent, cause they seem to be on me!) Something that shows we’re finally settled. No more traveling across America raising support. We have all our furniture now, at least all were going to get. We’ve met folks and some even consider themselves our friends. We’re making progress with the language. (my husband now has a blog in Portuguese…cool, huh!) The list goes on and on….

So…..maybe another addition to our family???

Sound exciting and permanent enough??!!

NO! I’m not pregnant…..I’m talking about a Dog.

Stay tuned….

  • Anonymous

    I believe you had a few folks (family) thinking “another baby?” If I didnt all ready know the story, thats exactly what I would think also. Im waiting for the update.
    Amo-te, Mom
    (p.s. I guess amo-te is correct, per Brooklyn.)

  • O Pregador

    For the record, we do not eat ice cream almost every night. We have a small carton of ice cream that has been in the freezer going on two weeks and it isn’t empty.

  • Nicholas Z. Cardot

    I was thinking baby at first also. But a new dog is exciting, too! Glad to hear that things are going well!

  • The Ballinger Family

    Ohhhh…a baby would definitely be fun! But dogs are too! Glad you guys are settled in and I hope you are truly enjoying yourselves there.

  • Erica Lynn

    Ha ha! I thought you were pregnant! I didn’t scroll down right away so I really thought you were. Dogs are fun, my kids love ours. I’m glad language lessons are going well. I’m a little jealous. I love languages. God bless!

  • Anonymous

    Ha! I love it! I hope your dog stays longer than our dog that Steven gave us (blue tick hound) she stayed for about two weeks and ran away. We were sad because Raygan loves her “pup-IE”. Quick question: is Michael “O pregador”? I looked up the site and it was in Portugese (I guess) so I thought it might be the blog you were talking about.
    Love you guys,

  • Starla

    LOL!!! I thought you were going to have a baby. You fooled me, lol.
    Well at least now I know that you have ice cream in Portugal.

  • Tori

    Oh you’re funny!

    A dog sounds like a great idea. Little hint, retrievers are wonderful!

    A dog at 6 weeks and maybe a baby at 12?

  • Sandy Sellers

    I was reading your blog going down the road in Ohio on the way to Kentucky to a meeting tonight. I was reading to myself and did not realize there was more on the post. I announced to everyone that you were pregnant. We were so excited Chad missed our exit. Then I went back to read the whole post to everyone and realized I did not read it all. Oh well, I’m glad you have a new dog. It will be fun to play with too. Love you all,

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