Sans Sunshine

It’s finally February.  Thank you Lord!  Half way through the toughest part about being in Portugal.  The first two months of the year are tough for me for various reason, but mainly because of the weather.  I didn’t realize how much I adored the sun until I went weeks without seeing it my first winter here.  The constant gray gloom in the sky, fog in the air, water dripping down the bathroom walls and toilet paper that is damp coming straight off the roll, are only a few of my complaints this time of year.  Add on to that list, the layers of clothing we have to wear to try to maintain a little body heat. Makes for loads of laundry, no sunshine to dry them in = having to use the dryer = outrageous electricity bill…..need I go on?

If a ray of sunshine peeks through the thick layer of clouds, I run outside and hold my face up towards the sun.  That little bit of natural warmth does a body good.  (I’m not kidding…I really do that.)  I’m not from the “sunshine state”, but I am from “Alabama, The Beautiful”.  The reason why it’s so beautiful has a lot to do with the amount of sunshine it sees.  So I miss sunshine….and krispy kreme…..and coffee creamer…..but mostly, sunshine.  I’m waiting patiently for summer.

Me, in the house fully clothed, with a coat, scarf and a blanket.......but my dog is such a cutie, I don't seem to mind the cold.

Me, in the house fully clothed, with a coat, scarf and a blanket…….but my dog is such a cutie, I don’t seem to mind the cold.


  • mom

    I really really wish I could box up a day of 60 degree full sunny, cloudless day and send it to you by mail. But, thankfully, the sun will return in full force soon. Maybe we’ll see a little when we are there in March. Counting the days to see my babies.


    • nina in portugal

      It’s sunny today! I’m thrilled! 😉

  • Dani Joy

    I totally know what you mean! It rains on end here never seemng to stop. I find myself stopping in every ray of sunlight too.

  • Mimi

    We will go ahead and start praying right now for beautiful warm weather for when Nanny and Pawpaw are there!! Wish I was coming with them!

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