Pride and Humility

Just a little thought that I jotted down in my moleskin this morning about two “women” I see in the Bible: Pride and Humility.

Proverbs 11:2 – When pride cometh, then cometh shame…

Like a stalker, shame always follows pride. King Solomon never said how closely or how quickly this “hanger-on” (or groupie) would appear, but he gave us full warning that if we regard pride in our hearts, some sort of scandal, embarrassment or regret will inevitably be linked to us. Flee then, from pride when she comes around the corner because her big brother, Shame isn’t too far behind; and the beating that we’ll take from him is much worse than the accolades and flattery that comes from his petulant, flashy little sister, Pride.

…but with the lowly is wisdom.

Here humility and wisdom together paint the picture of a beautiful married couple. In perfect harmony, they walk together. It’s funny how those that truly don’t think of themselves always seem to have the greatest insight. If we desire to be wise, if we wish for wisdom to dwell with us and be our constant counselor, if we long to adopt wisdom so that she becomes part of our family, we must understand that her husband goes everywhere she does. Wisdom is faithful and true, and humility is just the same. Neither appear without the other, nor do they speak out of turn. 
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  • The Domestic Fringe

    That last paragraph is giving me a lot to chew on. I needed to read this post today. Thank you for sharing truth.
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    • Michael

      FringeGirl, it was so rich to me this morning that I felt like I could have kept digging and digging but just stopped. I need to go back and meditate on it some more. Thanks, as always for commenting.

  • Mom

    It seems pride has become the “virtue” of our day. I seldom see true humility. Sadly the shame you spoke of is shrugged off by many in the public eye and once shameful acts are celebrated. I pray that Christians will begin to pray and also to “wake up, stand up and speak up” for the soul of our nation. Thank you, son, for being one voice who is willing.

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