Prankster Potty

Trinity, my precious, innocent 4 year old, after a night of constant bathroom trips throwing up, just informed me rather excitedly that “the potty has a bunch of yucky stuff in it and I’m afraid it’s going to overflow!!” As I sprinted to the bathroom, taking one last, long sip of my precious morning coffee, I asked her, “Where did it come from?” She said, “I have no idea Mom. After I went poo-poo I looked in it and there it was…it just ‘came out’!” My friends, she did not mean come out of her, but rather the potty itself deposited this horribly nasty ‘stuff’ in which she had no part of. As if the potty was playing a cruel joke on her. I didn’t want to cause her further embarrassment, as she had already endured 24 hours of torture, so I just flushed, sprayed and left the bathroom. My kids are so naive about some things. I’d rather they remain that way as long as possible regarding certain issues, but this is over the top. When do they start realizing that what is left in the potty actually came from them?! I think Liberty was 6 before she stopped responding to my questions like this…. “Liberty did you go potty?” “Yes, mam.” “Did you go pee-pee or poo-poo?”……. “I don’t know.” —-Could someone please explain to me how one could not know the answer to this question? I grew up in a house where my step-father would proudly exclaim, “Pull my finger!” ……. Wait a minute … that I think about this…how long did it take me to realize what happened every time I pulled his finger? Oh…my poor kids….they are just like me… “You’re right honey, they ARE just like me.”

We’ve battled sickness around here for about a week now. All of us have head colds in which two kids developed infections and are on antibiotics. Then the dreaded 24 hour stomach thingy hit us. I’ve nursed the second child with this virus and am waiting patiently for it to hit a third. It’ll take us a month to completely recover I’m afraid. I may have another interesting story to tell before this is all over with. But, I’m sure you’ll pass….right?

  • Mom

    Poor Trin…I hope she is feeling better. Im glad Terry and I didnt get the bug, but he has the chest congestion mess.. and as normal I have the sinus mess. We will pray no one else gets the bug and it will crawl right out the front door.
    Love you, Mom
    P.S. I’ve been up since 3AM.. Can we say JET-LAG?

  • thedomesticfringe

    Oohh, boy. I’m glad I’m not in your house right now. Sorry you’ve all been sick. I pray you will all be well and back to normal soon.

  • Tabatha

    Sounds like Aaron with the Israelites…. I put all their gold in the furnace and “out came this gold calf” LOL!

    Hope it all “passes” soon for you. Praying for you!

  • butler

    SO sorry for y’all.
    did the sickness hurt the visit?
    I sure hope not.
    love y’all.

  • june

    I’m praying that Everyone gets well soon But reading that story you just told made me laugh so hard it hurt.
    I called David and read this to him over the phone.He laugh to, so I know it just wasen’t just me and my sick mind that thought that story was funny.Maybe it’s because David does the “Pull My Finger Thing…..
    Sure hope Everyone is better today.Love ya

  • Starla

    I hope you all feel better soon. Nice story, lol.

  • Auntie eM

    I sure needed a good laugh! You’re right about the connection between yuk and us; kind of like the spiritual condition. LOL. Takes us forever to understand we really are sinners! Sorry you’re all on the sickly path. I’ll pray for you. I really like Brooklyn’s poem; how sweet to send it. Get some sleep!

  • Pilar Stark

    Hi Nina, my name is Pilar Stark. We are also baptist missionaries, we are in Spain. I found you by “accident” through Heidi from “Moms, ministry and more”, but I am glad I did. Would be checking your blog often. Looking forward getting “to know” you. I also notice the Kenneys in your links- we met in a missions conference. You look so familiar…

  • Grace

    Too funny!I hope that you all start feeling better soon.

  • Dani Joy

    Hola, Neighbor! I am Daniela Contreras a Baptist Missionary to Gijón Spain. (Northern coast) We are actually only 5 hours from Portugal. I found your blog site from Pilar Stark´s blog. Her family came to work with us last year. She really has encouaged me into this blogging thing and I feel that it really is becoming an escape for me. 🙂 I will definately be checking out your blog often as it sounds like we have some things in common..:) (exept I have all boys.)This post was too funny! (as an afterthought I am sure)

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