Portugal in the News (October 16th)

Portugal, for those of you who don’t know, is about the size of the state of Indiana or Mississippi. Contrary to what many Americans believe, it is next to Spain in western Europe and not in South America. It has a long and rich history of exploration and colonization, but rarely appears in the news today.

For that very reason, from time to time I plan on posting links from English language news articles that deal with Portugal. Lately, many of these articles have dealt with the financial situation and rising unemployment, but as you will note there are some interesting articles that float around from time to time.

So, enjoy, and read what might interest you.

Portugal faces suffocating 2013 budget – Portugal’s center-right government presents its 2013 budget on Monday, which will outline the harshest measures yet under Lisbon’s 78-billion-euro bailout and is likely to mark the end of the country’s so far reluctant acceptance of austerity.
Portugal unveils more harsh austerity in budget – 
The government says the measures are needed to cut the national debt as Portugal strives to restore its financial health. More than a decade of meager growth compelled Portugal to ask for a €78 billion ($101 billion) rescue last year to avert bankruptcy.
But critics say the latest batch of austerity measures will choke the economy, which is forecast to contract for a third straight year in 2013, and push higher the unemployment rate which already stands at a record 15.9 percent.
Dengue fever cases in Madeira, Portugal – (We’re not planning on traveling to the island of Madeira any time soon, so stay calm!) This is the first time that dengue fever has been reported in Madeira. Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection and it is important that all travellers should avoid mosquito bites when visiting the region. It can cause a range of clinical symptoms from a mild flu-like illness to a more serious illness including rash and bone pain and can sometimes lead to severe complications.


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