Ministry and blessings

You ever set out to be a blessing and just keep getting blessed in return? It’s like a constant reminder that it really is better to give than to receive. Because when you give, in so many other ways, you’re really receiving. This past weekend, Nina and I traveled to … There's More →

Holiday Food Trivia

Ok. Here goes. It’s late on Christmas Eve here in Portugal and we’re going to play a little holiday food trivia. I’m in the mood to give something away and to share with you just a little bit about the zany place in which we live. Below you’ll see a … There's More →

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

…because sometimes I just can’t find the words. ~Nina

Clothesline Prayer

Mornin’ everyone…… As I do every morning, I glanced outside to see if I would be able to drink my coffee on the patio. Weather is a HUGE part of my day over here…a big part of my ‘to do’ list…and sadly to say, has a large part to do … There's More →

Bikini Shine?

Yesterday we picked up our van from having it cleaned in preparation to sell…… I can’t help but think these men shined my dashboard with their old undies!!(Hanging on the line to the right…next to where the mats to the van were…..) Just a little bit of what we ‘see’ … There's More →

4th of July

Our first time in 4 years to celebrate America’s day of Independence on American soil. We spent the day at our home church with a BBQ and games. It was a beautiful day. Fireworks in Knoxville later that night: We have been resting the last week. A much needed time … There's More →

Feira de Barcelos – (Barcelos Market)

Today, Michael and I spent a little time at the market.  It’s not often that we go without visitors.  Usually it’s one of the highlighted attractions that we carry our out of town guests to see.  It’s always very crowded and full of confusion.  Today though, as Michael and I … There's More →

Furlough Frenzy

Time is winding down, and preparations are in their final stages…..less than two weeks before we leave for furlough.  Lists have been made and many things already crossed off…… Get furlough vehicle to Birmingham. Find a sitter for all my gorgeous Orchids. Organize the dungeon. (our junk room) Decide what … There's More →

Happy Birthday Brooklyn!

Our oldest daughter Brooklyn turned 12 last week.  Feels like yesterday I was going to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning to be induced.  She was a week late and I couldn’t take another day of pregnancy.  Contrary to popular belief, I don’t enjoy being pregnant.  Although … There's More →

Sickness be Gone!

My dear bloggy friends, I have been so sick.It’s been over two weeks & three trips to the doctor.My instructions for now are to REST, stay indoors, eat and drink.My precious husband has cooked, cleaned, ironed, taxied kids & shopped.  All the while, keeping up with his duties pastoring two … There's More →

3 Years…..

…ago this week, we said Good-Bye to America. …and we left for Portugal. At the airport saying good-bye to a few friends and family.  Our friend, Ms. Lora (in yellow) came with us and stayed for 2 weeks.  It was a blessing having here here to help with the kids … There's More →

A Joyful Time

Last week my husband had the privilege of baptizing a young Portuguese man named Pedro.  It was a joyous occasion and a happy reminder why we are here.    We borrowed another church building to have the service, as our church doesn’t have a baptistry.  Also present were members from all … There's More →

Liberty’s 9th Birthday

This weekend we celebrated our third daughters birthday.  Born the smallest out of the 5 and still to this day remains that way…. Liberty is a quiet and unassuming child.   She doesn’t do well in crowds, but loves individual attention.  She’s sincere and will share her heart if she can … There's More →

One Step Closer

One of the many things a missionary needs to do in preparation for furlough is get an updated picture made for a new prayer card.  We can cross that off our list. Only 1,698 other things to do. Furlough will be here before we know it.

My Sweet Babies

This is my little Sunday school class that I help with.  I’m the craft lady more or less, but we sure have a good time with these sweeties.  Aren’t they cute?!  

December in a Nutshell – Part 2

  This was Christmas Eve night, after all the kids were in bed.  All the gifts to the right side of the tree were sent here by a precious supporting church in Alabama!  Unity Baptist certainly spoils the Andrzejewski family! 😉 Church Christmas dinner in our home. Some of the … There's More →

A Photo Journey – Autumn Afternoon

Last week we enjoyed some beautiful Fall weather.  Usually by this time of year, the rain and wind have set in and the yard is so soggy you can’t walk in it.  But the Lord extended our Fall season here in Northern Portugal and we loved it! After the kids … There's More →

A Little of What We’ve Been up to….

Fundamentals of the Faith Conference hosted by Igreja Baptista Esperança, Pastor Mark Pereira. Working out to relieve stress Drying clothes indoors….again. Raising a son….but they’re weird little creatures Reading by the fire Meeting with others to draw encouragement.  We’re not in this alone.  Praise His Name! Trinity trying to remember … There's More →

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