Pepper Spraying Seventh Graders?

As reported today by the University of the Minho’s radio station, a protest by a group of seventh grade students of the Escola Secundária de Alberto Sampaio (Alberto Sampaio High School) quickly spiraled out of control when the PSP (Polícia de Segurança Pública, equivalent to the local police) used pepper spray to diffuse the situation.

Police and 7th Grade Protesters - JN/RUM

Police and 7th Grade Protesters – JN/RUM

Apparently upset by the recent decision to merge several schools creating a student body of 3500 pupils, some twelve year olds thought it proper to protest by arriving at school early, chaining and locking the entrance with a pad lock and eventually forming a human wall. When the firefighters arrived to cut the lock so that school could begin, the students wouldn’t allow them to pass. The police were called on to clear the area and as they proceeded, the protesters began surrounding the policemen and even went so far as to grab them in order to impede their progress.

Reportedly, not wanting to use more force than necessary on the young people, rather than employ their “billy clubs”, law enforcement chose to spray pepper into the air. They were then able to open the gate of the school, where, “the situation returned to normal.” the RUM website reported. Yet, once the school was opened, classes did not begin, but the protest continued inside the school yard.

Reports of minor injuries, including swollen eyes and burning mouths resulted from the incident with one student being transported to the hospital for treatment.


Now, for my commentary on the situation…

  • This should be a lesson learned by all the young people in this country. They protested like adults and the adults did their best to restore the proper order. “If you mess with the bull, you get the horns every time.”
  • Twelve year olds have no business protesting this kind of decision. They need to learn how to submit to authority.
  • With the leftists and socialists in Portugal constantly talking about strikes and protests, I fear this kind of thing will only increase in frequency and severity.
  • Even so come, Lord Jesus.
  • Orlando Linus

    Pepper Spray is not that bad (CS spray is much worse) the cops did their jobs.

    As for the DREN decision to merge, it will go down. It’s just another bad decision of Government.

    • Michael

      Orlando, I’ve never been pepper sprayed, but I have spent an extended amount of time in a CS tent without a mask. You get used to it after a while. As for the decision to merge, I really don’t have an opinion…bad or not the students have to respect it and move on.

  • ninainportugal

    Protest like an adult? Think you’re tough? Huh???? Be glad you only got pepper spray…..

    Initially, as a mother of a 7th grader, I was like, “Wait! What!? They pepper sprayed 12 year olds?!” – But then…after further thought, I realized that pepper spray in this situation was the most sensible action from the police. I’m sure when the group of 12 year old planned this ‘protest’ yesterday afternoon while waiting on the bus for home, they had no idea it would escalate like this…but it did…and they have to take responsibility for that.

    Grab a policeman again…see what happens.

    Pepper spray in the eyes of a 12 yr old…sad, yes.

    If it had been my 12 year old, I would have said….”That’s what you get!”

    “Mess with the bull…get the horns.”

    • Michael

      Yep. Hammer, meet nail. Some lessons are tough, but they need to learn that there are consequences for their actions and those aren’t always pleasant.

  • carlos

    what on earth are you talking about? You think its ok to assault and attack 12 year olds? you think its ok for grown up, armed adults to attack children? You defend this ?
    You call yourself christians, but i can see you are as evil as they come. When Jesus comes down to earth, he will punish you for the hate and cruelty you have afflicted to his children.

    • Michael

      Carlos, your comments are welcome here, but your vitriol isn’t. Accusations and insults aren’t welcome here either. If you would like to have a civilized discussion, I’d love to do that with you, otherwise, please find somewhere else to comment.
      About the incident in question: No twelve year old were assaulted and attacked. To the contrary, once the PSP tried to restore order by allowing the firefighters to unlock the gate, pepper spray was dispersed into the air, and that only after the young people grabbed a hold of the police officers. These young people were breaking the law, and they need to learn that there are consequences for doing so. That is my point.
      I inflicted neither pain nor cruelty on anyone, least of all a true child of God.

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