Palin Rocks!

She’s tough! I wish folks could say that about me.

I’d like to think she and I have a lot in common. But in reality, the only similarities are that I have 5 children and so does she and we each married our high school sweethearts.

But I’ll tell you this, if she compares herself to a pit bull with lipstick, then maybe she’s the “change” everyone is looking for.

Sick ‘um Gov. Palin!

  • Tori

    I’m with ya girl. She’s a new face with a lot to say.

    Oh yea and we have the same McCain/Palin buttons on our side bar!!

  • The Webbs

    I hear you! I liked her a lot!!! I loved watching the Republican National Convention last night and her speech!

  • Tabatha

    I was unsure for awhile, but she’s growing on me… her speech was great. I tend to think you are alot like her. I could see you standing in front of a crowd holding your own, Nina!

  • Jungle Mom

    Hey, anyone who can mother 5 children, move overseas, and be involved in ministry has to be tough!

  • Beka

    I’m back now! We’ve been really busy lately, but I’ve finally updated my blog! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Beka

    In answer to your question on my blog…actually, Dad was so surprised when he called, and told him he’d give him an answer in a week…so this guy called back in exactly a week (even down to the hour!) Lol! It was so funny when Rachel told us that he had called, ’cause this is all new for our family! The first night he came over, my youngest sister got mad and punched him in the stomach! LOL!

  • Nicholas Z. Cardot

    I’m with you guys. I think that this is great! I’m praying that God would give them the victory and that we could see conservatism come back to Washington D.C.

  • Tracy at Our Journey

    I like her too! She sure chewed Obama up and spit him out the other night didn’t she!
    Too Funny!
    She says what she means…I like that!

  • HOPE

    Sarah Palin…is REAL!

    I watched the interviews of The FIRST DUDE and he too is REAL.

    Like Debra…she’s been raised up for a purpose…

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