“Olá” Monday

Saying hello in Portuguese is pretty easy. It is “olá” (pronounced “O-la”, with the accent on the “la”). After reading what Nina’s bloggy-friend Tricia is saying hello to today, I decided to join in and let everyone know what I was saying hello (or olá) to today. It is a much happier thing to do than deal with all sorts of Monday mayhem. So, here goes….

Olá Monday of the honey-do list.

Nina’s been saving up a hefty honey-do list for me for at least 8 months. Sure, it is mostly made up of little things, but those little things added up. Fix the broken chairs. Check. Fix, the hand towel rack in the bathroom. Check. Fix the clothesline. Check. Fix the vanity lights in the other bathroom. Check. Fix the rip in the sofa? Wait 8 more months.

Olá Monday of the 5 mile run.

It’s been something that I’ve been wanting to do for some time. Actually my goal is to work up to a half marathon, but when you have knees of a 60 year old and you’re only 37, it takes time. Fifty minutes, five miles. While it isn’t the best pace in the world, it is an accomplishment for me.

Olá Monday of grilled pork chops.

The weather is beautiful. The kids are playing outside, and I made a deal with Nina – if she would make rice and salad, I’d grill pork chops, fresh sausage, cherry tomatoes and zucchini. She agreed, so I’ve got to go get the grill fired up. Our Monday is almost gone, but praise the Lord it has been a good one. As a matter of fact, for a day off, it has been quite productive.


What are you saying “olá” to this Monday?

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