‘Not so’ Wordless Wednesday

Four years ago today, my children went to school as usual. Once they entered the school yard gate some students and workers began chanting…”Obama, Obama, Obama!”

I wonder what they will have to endure today?

I’m also reminded of a conversation I had with a local grocery store owner just a few days before the 2008 election. It amounted to this….He felt that the entire world should be able to vote for the American president.

Is he crazy?!

I live in Portugal and can’t vote for the Portuguese president….but everyone in the world should be allowed to vote for America’s president!!

Good night…..what is this world coming too?

Everyone listens, everyone watches, and everyone cares about what goes on in America.

Do we, the American people, really understand the responsibility we have?

I think not.

If you’ve traveled outside of American borders, you know what a blessing it is to be on American soil. You’ve seen, first hand, what others in this world live without.

My friend felt like Obama would be better for his business. I really don’t understand that, but ok….whatever….I think it will be worse for his business, cause I get less money in the exchange from dollar to euro, so I won’t buy as many bags of rice from him! 😉

I’m saddened again today just as I was in 2008 with that ugly, nagging ache in the pit of my stomach.

But my hope isn’t in the American government.

  • http://www.thedomesticfringe.wordpress.com FringeGirl

    Thank God our hope is not in the American Government! I hope your kids have an easy day in school today. And, I don’t really think we realize how the world looks at us here in America. I know I don’t realize.

  • Janice

    Come Lord Jesus – come quickly.

  • kristy

    Ms. Nina I know the aching in the pit of the stomach you are referring to. I have also felt it. More so this time than last. It is just as though people have scales on their eyes and refuse to see the truth. You can tell then and then prove it and they refuse to acknowledge it. ..This administration seem to be able to do no wrong in the peoples eyes. I am so glad that we have Jesus and our hope is not in our government. Hope you and your precious family are doing well.

    Kristy Kurowski

  • wanda williams

    I was over there 4yrs ago today and I remember we were at the school and one of the teachers yelling… Obama! It makes me ill and all I can say is… God help.

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