Nina Needs….

I found this over at Our Journey.

Google your name with the word ‘needs’ in quotes….likes this…

“Nina needs”

and then list the first 15 that are listed…..

check this out…..

Nina needs a home.
Nina needs a break. (coffee sounds good)
Nina needs love.
Nina needs a loving and caring home.
Nina needs a holiday. (IRS took care of that dream!)
Nina needs your vote.
Nina needs a Wii.
Nina needs a new Verizon phone.
Nina needs your help.
Nina needs more sun. (amen…never too much sun)
Nina needs a roommate. (wait a second now…)
Nina needs your prayers. (always)
Nina needs to just die already. (What?!?!!!)
Nina needs a home.
Nina needs a little help.
Nina needs a new home again. (What keeps happening to my homes?)

You think I’m kidding…but I’m not. Google actually said these things.

I’ll never use Google again.

This makes me depressed. What’s up with me always needing a home…and who in the world wants me to die already?!

Okay, Tracy I’m hearing that twilight music in the back of my head….I’m not sure I like this game.

Surely there’s another Nina out there somewhere……yeah…that’s it.

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  • Pilar Stark

    I tried to do this once and the result were too weird, some of them I could’t write in my blog… there are some pilars out there needing some weird things :)… maybe they are friends with some Ninas needing houses… hehe

  • Ingi

    Maybe it’s not that you always are needing a home, maybe you just need three?! You do have 5 children! 🙂 Anyway… I tried this, took a quick glance, and thought that I would certainly have to skip/edit a few! It’s kind of crazy what things your name can be associated with!\

  • Michelle

    Those crack me up! I also need to go check on my needs. I was tagged earlier last week to do the same thing. I am kind of scared to see what it will say. 🙂

  • TCKK

    This is just too weird! lol

  • Dani Joy

    too funny. Guess we shouldn´t trust Google as we always have. Jeje.. that is in the last five years.

  • Tori

    Hey that’s actually funny all except for the dying thing. ;0]

  • Starla

    Well just think you have a home in Heaven. That is so funny though. Thanks for sharing, I had a good laugh.

  • Mom

    I guess your googling on your coffee break? Get to work!

  • Jen

    You’re right. It’s depressing. Why is that!? Well, I haven’t met you but I definitely don’t want you to die already. 🙂

  • Amrita

    I did this and came up with such weird stuff I just cannot put it up on my blog.

    Your ‘s are not too bad Nina.

    And you have my vote

  • Pilar Stark

    Hey girl, consider yourself tag 🙂 For the rules, come over my blog.

  • Tracy B.

    That’s too funny…I had several referring to me needing money ;o}We have almost googled the whole family that way. My son Ethan….his came up 3 times saying that he needed to choose between this girl and that. He just smiled and said, “what can I say, I’ve got it even when I didn’t know it?” He’s goofy!
    But I had a ball…

  • Sandy Sellers

    In school one of the first books I read was about a Cat named Bing and a dot named Sandy.
    I guess there are several dogs names Sandy because my search on Google had a lot about finding a nice home and heartworm treatment.
    But it also said I need to decide if I am happy or not, and that I need a girlfriend. LOL

  • thedomesticfringe

    Funny. Google has it in for you.


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