Neighborly Kindness

Look what arrived at our door yesterday… fresh, pipping hot bread called Broa. It’s a hard, dense brown bread that is exceptional for dipping in soups or just eating with REAL butter. Our neighbor baked it for us and promised another one in the days to come that will include meat….hummm…sound interesting.

I’m feverishly looking for GOOD weight watcher recipes. I’m not the kind of person that will make just any ‘ol recipe because it’s low fat and low points cause I need ‘diet’ food. I want recipes that you can’t even tell it’s weight watcher. One I can feed to my family and all of us benefit from the goodness.

Well, I just whipped up some Cauliflower Soup. A recipe I found online that said it had zero points. Skeptically I tried it and I was delightfully surprised. It’s full of flavor! Not an overwhelming vegetable taste, but a creamy chicken with slight veggie flavor. I love it. The recipe follows.

Cauliflower Soup
0 weight watcher points!

6 C Water
4 C Cauliflower, Chopped
2 C Sliced Carrots
2 T Chopped Parsley (I didn’t use this)
4 Bullion Cubes, Chicken
Salt & Pepper to taste

In a large pot add all ingredients except salt and pepper. Cover and simmer till all veggies are tender (approx 20 min). Using a hand help blender (Or transfer to food processor) puree all ingredients.

Taste before adding salt and pepper cause I only needed a little pepper.

Delicious creamy type soup without all the fat and calories! Zero points!!


  • thedomesticfringe

    Blogger HATES me!!! It rejects all my comments as duplicates. Does this mean I’m talking too much?

    Your soup looks good and it’s made more appealing by the fact that it’s zero points. I’d eat half the loaf of bread though. I LOVE hard, crusty breads.

    I remember eating a hard bread like that with Portuguese suasage in it when I was a kid. So yummy.
    It’s nice to have neighbors who cook.

  • Gayle

    The bread and the soup sound DELICIOUS! If you ever get the recipe for the bread please post it. I am going to try the soup tonight. Thanks!

  • Tori

    Oh we have that bread here too and I love it in my soup.
    BTW, that soup looks so delish!
    I think I may try it.

  • Pilar Stark

    Wow that bread looks sooooo gooooddddd!!! I want neighbors like yours….. 🙂 I shouldn’t complain mine brough me a cake once :). That soup looks so good. Wouldn’t think I would want to try a cauliflower soup but the looks of this one is making me want to… sooo good!

  • TCKK

    0 points – hmmm – I may have to try that one.

  • Starla

    The cauliflower soup and bread looks yummy!!!

  • Tracy B.

    Wow~that bread sure looks interesting…it looks like it is very crunchy.

    I will hve to try the soup…it sounds good…plus as cold as it has been here lately warm soup would be perfect!

  • Steph @ Red Clay Diaries

    The bread and soup both look wonderful!

    But what I really love are your dishes. I love Portuguese patterns. I even found dishes here at Pier 1 that remind me of that style.

  • Beautiful Pear Tree Lane

    Hi Nina,
    I really enjoy soup, and am always looking for new recipes,thank you for sharing. How wonderful to have a neighbor to make and give bread.

    I would like to comment on feb.4 post. This makes me so ashamed of myself, we here in the U.S. take so much for granted. Thank you for reminding me of my many blessings.

    If you would like something or if I could send something to another missionary, and I am able to do it will you let me know .

  • Dani Joy

    Love hot soup and bread! Great pick! Will come back to try the recipe some time. Keep up the hard work! Is it rude to ask how you are coming on your goal?(weight loss)If you don´t think so, could you send me an e mail of how you are coming along and how you are accomplishing it. I am pretty much sticking to a no white sugar diet. trying to cut out extra white flour foods too. And exersize. It´s working but slowly. I figure I have a year to reach my resolution. However it would be cool to make it sooner.

  • Auntie eM

    Nina, for me – Mrs. High Blood pressure, bullion cubes translates sodium – in a marvelous sounding Soup recipe. Do you think using low-sodium canned chicken broth, and those Mrs. Dash seasonings for chicken – will work?
    My husband doesn’t like soup – he’s got to be from another planet, I know. I could LIVE on soup (and chocolate).
    I’ll wait your opinion.

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