Need some good recipes?

Well, she just getting going, but my sister has a beautiful blog up with some wonderful yet simple recipes. It’s called, My Invisible Crown. I’m biased, yes, but the pictures look great and the recipes wanted to make me both cook and eat.


Well, maybe ask someone to cook so I could eat.

She runs the gamut from Deep Fried Oreo Cookies to Strawberry Spinach Salad all the way to Crawfish Monkey Bread! That’s only in the first seven posts. Hop on over and encourage her when you can.

Make sure you tell her that her little brother sent you!

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  • the domestic fringe

    Can’t wait to read her blog! I always need help cooking.

  • Michael Andrzejewski

    Fringe Girl, she just put up a recipe for roasted sweet potatoes. Sounds very appetizing.

  • HCarvalho

    Deep fried Oreo cookies? No wonder americans are the fattest people on earth, between frying cookies and drink gallons on corn syrup filled drinks they are becoming a nation of fat b#$%&/s.
    Case in point:

    • Michael Andrzejewski

      HCarvalho, thank you very much for your comment. I don’t believe in censorship, unless it crosses the line to obscenity, so I approved your comment, changing one word, that was rather insulting. I suppose by your email that you are Brazilian and therefore are giving you benefit of the doubt in regards to this. It is possible that you don’t fully understand the gravity of that word in our language.
      At any rate, I do not disagree with you that generally speaking America has an obesity problem, but that doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t be able to eat certain things in moderation. I am 1,78m tall and weigh 80kg. I have played sports all of my life, try to go to the gym 3 times a week and run 10-12 kms weekly. Not all Americans have a food addiction.
      Finally, I would like to say that your comments are welcome here, and I hope that you enjoy our blog. But, please try not to judge our culture by YouTube clips and TV specials. I have met a lot of people from various cultures (including Brazil) but that doesn’t mean that they are a good representative of their home country.

  • Danijoy

    I second what Michael wrote 100%! Also, though, coming from a person who HaD an eating problema, there is a lot of great American trainers and athletes who inspired me to lose 18kg.
    Also, when we write comments it should be encouraging with constructive

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