Multiply Movement

I’ve been trying on and off for two days to use a Word Press feature called “reblog” where you are supposed to be able to re-blog someone else’s blog post with one simple click, but for some reason it just isn’t working, so I’m going to post the video that I want to show from the Multiply Movement website.

Multiply is billed as a “movement” that includes discipleship material, an online conference coming up in a few weeks and helpful videos like the one below. It feature Francis Chan, who wrote Crazy Love, among other books and David Platt, author of Radical. I enjoyed reading both books and am looking forward to the the Multiply online gathering coming up soon.

Check out the video if you believe that making disciples is an integral part of the Great Commission.

Discipling Quick Tips and How To’s from Multiply on Vimeo.

  • Dani Joy

    WE have read some of Crazy Love. and have watched some videos by Francis Chan. This Multiply sounds great. sounds like what we are doing on a daily basis but at the same time a great encouragement that we need as missionaries. Holding you all up in prayer. This month we are praying for you guys and spotlighting your ministry here in our church. I hope to send you all some questions soon. Thanks for sharing this video.

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