Comme Si, Como What? English please.

Basically every night our supper table turns into a hodgepodge of languages. Up until recently it just ping-ponged from English to Portuguese, and whenever it got too far over to the latin side, I would come in sounding very authoritative. English please. We’re speaking English right now. When one starts … There's More →

Double Whammy

Remember that old game show…Press your Luck? Remember those crazy whammies that would dance across the screen and laugh that they had just stolen all the contestants money? Well…that’s how I feel today. I feel like I’ve been whammied and it’s not a laughing matter. I now have to get … There's More →

Christmas Eve in Portugal!

Mom and Terry arrived safely and on time Saturday. We’ve had a great few days! Today, whether you know it or not, is Christmas Eve!! We’ve been last minute Christmas shopping, threw in a bowling game, decorated our new store bought Christmas tree and celebrated 3 birthday’s. Tonight we enjoyed … There's More →

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