Justified Rebellion?

Am I justified in my rebellion to my husband when he sat me down this morning with a printed out calendar? (Thanks a lot Fringe Girl.)  A calendar he thought would help me ‘plan’ my future blog posts.  I just don’t feel the ‘anointing’ anymore….my writing days are done.  He … There's More →

I’m letting you see me…Nina…first thing in the morning.

….ugliness, stinky breath, bead head and fuzzy slippers….the whole 9 yards. This week started off terribly. I sent my Mom and email on Monday. I just let it all out. ‘Stress’ isn’t even the word to describe what I was/am feeling. She wrote back these words…”Wow, how do I respond … There's More →

One Solution = Another Problem

An email I received this morning from some women’s health magazine was titled “7 foods that make you gassy.” After a brief chuckle my finger went to hit the delete button but instead I opened the email. Call it an accident, call it what you will…..but what I realized upon … There's More →

The ‘Pox’ Lives On….

Last week it was Justice. This week, Brooklyn. Next week, I’m predicting Faith since she feels like Brooklyn did last week….run down, head ache, low grade fever and sore throat. Motherhood….I tell you what……it’s been a while since I’ve had a Mama Fit! Chicken Pox A spot. A spot. Another … There's More →

Young & Beautiful

I wonder if I had skin this beautiful when I was three….. …or five? because I surely don’t have it now. Even when I take drastic measures…..like this… These people should be sued for false advertisement. Along with the pimple reducers, cellulite removers and teeth whitener people. They all lie. … There's More →

There’s Something About Candy Corn

That I adore. But….. There’s no Candy Corn where I live….sniff…sniff. There’s not even a store near me that has one Fall decoration on it’s shelf. The nursery down the road didn’t even have one pot of mums today when I stopped by. And to make matters worse, my seven … There's More →

Mama Fit

I really want to have a fit today, but I lack both the energy and will power. Just looking at this picture makes me tired…. Today’s Saturday. The day when I wash about 673 loads (okay maybe it’s only 8-10 loads) of clothes because electricity is cheaper. It’s when I … There's More →

Mama Fit

What in the world is a Twitter? I can’t figure it out. I’m slow……I know. It’s rained almost constantly for the last 3 weeks. This is that wonderful time of year….rain, moisture, mildew, constant cough….the ‘rainy’ season we call it. Not my favorite season, but I’m hangin‘ in there. Today … There's More →

Mama Fit

I spent all day Monday making Christmas ornaments with 7 children. I’m still cleaning paint off of the table, floor and clothing. We put so much effort into them and as you can tell we were very proud of them as I’ve posted several pictures already on this blog. Yesterday … There's More →

Mama Fits

“What’s a strike?” were the first words out of Liberty’s mouth as she lugged her much to large backpack up the hill to meet me at the gate. It was already dark outside. 5:30 is a little late to be getting out of school but who are we to complain? … There's More →

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