Make a Mark

You’re going to meet someone today. They may change your life, or you may never see them again for the rest of eternity.

You’ll meet someone today and create a memory. Depending upon the depth of your conversation or the magnitude of your gesture, you’ll make an impact on somebody.
Other people see what you do, even if you don’t realize it.
Right now you have no idea what battle the other person is fighting. You have no idea what happened last night.
Neither did Ali Palmer. He was traveling from Charlotte to St. Louis when a woman carrying a child walked by. She was crying as she found her seat, and as told by one of the other passengers, what Ali Palmer did next was exceptional.
He chose to make a difference. He got up from his first class seat and exchanged it with the young woman and her child. Short flight. Small sacrifice for Palmer.
While he didn’t know it, the night before, the woman lost her husband. The little girl lost her dad. Long flight. Big comfort for a grieving widow.
Ali will probably never cross paths with that widow again, but his act of kindness helped to ease a burden, that day.
You’ve got an opportunity to show someone the love of Christ today. Maybe its your kids. Maybe its your boss. Maybe its a random stranger.
Forget about your own comfort. Go above and beyond. Be considerate.
The kindness of strangersCreative Commons License Ed Yourdon via Compfight
Make a mark. Give them a reason to thank God. Have the Philippian effect on them.
Right in the beginning of his letter to the church in Philippi it shows. I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.
They marked him, forever. They took care of him. They gave when he had needs. They ministered to him like Jesus would have ministered to him. They remained faithful and humble and Christ-like.
Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.
That’s what they did with Epaphroditus too. The Philippian church made such a mark on him that he was willing to give his life just to carry Paul’s letter to them.
They lived so full, they loved so much that Paul had no other reaction when he thought of them. He gave thanks to God.
The Philippian effect stirs others to worship…because of something you have done and not because of something you have preached, or taught.
That person you meet today may not remember a word you say. They will remember what you do.
So, give somebody a reason to thank God. Give someone a reason to worship.
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