Madrid ~ Day 1 Photo Journey

Praise the Lord for a safe, tranquil flight!

Dani Joy, Ashley, Pilar and myself. Brief meeting at the airport. Pilar was going to come with us on our trip to Madrid, but decided to make a quick trip to The States instead. Our planes crossed paths in the Madrid airport, so I was able to meet her in person!

Told you where you’d find us gals!!

Self photos…got to love em.

Wow!! BBQ sauce! If I had any more room in my luggage I would have bought all 3 flavors!

What’s this guy’s problem?

Don’t ask me what this was called….I called it good!

This lady sprayed herself with something nasty and sat like a statue in the sun wanting people to put money in her pot. Yeah, right.

When I think of Spain, this is what I think of.

And this lady?!? Okay…whatever….

Have a great week everyone….more pictures to come.


  • O Pregador

    Told you Spain was weird! Portugal is much cooler.

  • Dani Joy

    Who let those crazy ladies loose in Madrid?
    I am having a really special time, Nina. Thanks for meeting me down here. It´s not Madrid it´s the fellowship.

  • Alicia, The Snowflake

    I was visiting Dani Joy and she said you had more pics up. So I had to come by…for a second time today. (Shhh…don’t tell anyone. I’m supposed to be working;)

    Love the pics! Hope you guys have a great time!

  • Jen

    Looks like fun so far! Enjoy Starbuck’s!

  • Jill

    Great pictures, Nina! Thanks for taking us on the trip with you!

  • TCKK

    Such fun photos. What in the world was that last lady doing? I can’t imagine buying fruit from her and actually eating it?!? lol

  • Pilar

    hahahahah, you guys found some interesting stuff 🙂

    The food is a kebab. The lady with the mud is in every madrid tourist book… can you believe it? The things people are famous for 🙂

    Glad you guys did some sign seeing and finally found Starbucks 🙂 I am going to find my way there this morning.

    Have a great time. Pretend to miss me 😉

  • butler

    Im ssooo jealous !!!
    you having so much fun.
    love you

  • Custodio’s

    I am sure you are having a great time! Hope to meet you soon to hear the stories from your trip to Madri. See you soon…

  • thedomesticfringe

    Your photos are the best. What fun!!!


  • Jungle Mom

    oh how fun!!!! Well, if any of you ever find yourself in the airport here in Asuncion, let me know.:(

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