Sushi with a Back Handed Compliment

Have you ever eaten sushi? Have you ever tried doing it while being on the receiving end of a back-handed compliment? I have. A few months ago a couple in the church who are dear friends of ours invited us to lunch at a Sushi buffet in a nearby coastal … There's More →

Lunchtime Conversations

Faith: What??!!, on the Bee Movie? Trin: You know..when the bee showed his……..huh, Daddy, what did you say? Daddy: “Trin, say ‘girl’….” Trin: “guhhl“ Faith: …giggling …”Trin, say ‘squirrel’…..” Trin: ….”guhhl“…… All of us..laughing hysterically brief lull Faith….humming to herself as she pulls the burnt bottom off her pig in … There's More →

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