Link – A Baby Named Faith

Nina’s been very busy today, and she doesn’t feel very well either. She’s struggled with a strange virus for the past couple of days and just tried to “soldier on” rather than getting back in bed. The thought of blogging didn’t sound very appetizing to her, so I just wanted to let everyone know that she has recently written a guest post for Tricia (Fringe Girl) about living by faith. It’s called, “A Baby Named Faith” and it’s all about the pretty young lady pictured below got her name. I’m sure that both ladies would love it if you popped over by clicking here and commented.

Let’s hope Nina’s at 100% for Wordless Wednesday or better yet an original post. Chime in with comments below to give her some possible post ideas. I know she is a whole lot more beloved in the blogosphere than I am, so let’s here it.

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