Lean into it

He holds his hands up, just above his head, palms skyward as he walks to the car. His head already wet from the morning cow-lick correction, he just wants to feel the rain on his palms. It’s better that way. It makes sense when you’re six. He finally relents and pulls his hood from under his backpack and wiggles it over his head, with one palm still skyward.

DSC_3535The sky is one big piece of sheet metal. Flat. Dull. Grey. There’s no blue in sight and my heart sinks because I know that there’s no sun to be seen today.  I know this affects my bride more than it does me and I pray, Lord, may this pass soon.

I trust You that this will pass soon.

His sister’s already got her hood up as she slides the gate open for us to leave. She’s eight and she understands that kids open the gate, even when it’s raining. It’s a quick trip and we’re already at the school. Everybody that passes has an umbrella, except my two.

Teachers, kids, everybody.

So, mine dart from the car to the awning like field mice running from a skinny farm cat.

DSC_3536It feels like winter. It looks like winter. The calendar says June 11.

It should be 80 degrees, but it might be 55 in my office.

It’s June, but it feels like February. So, I lean into it. Hard. I don’t have time to moan or complain. I just lean.

There’s some firewood left over from last year.

I brew hot tea and cup my hands around the mug until it burns. I build a fire and watch until it gets hot enough to kick the blower on.

I lean into today, knowing the difference between reality and illusion. My mind will play no tricks. It’s June 11, I tell him.

I go along and give into one more day of winter, aware that it’s not real. I know that it is summertime and I’m not going to let my feelings convince me that this faux winter will continue for another six months, because I know that it won’t continue for another six days.

I agree with my adversary quickly as he tries to tell me that it’s going to be like this all summer long. That it’s going to rain until August and start back in September….I’m fully persuaded that this is momentary. That June 11th is a simple anomaly.

DSC_3534The roses tell me that it’s June. I’ll trust them more than just one day of cold rain.

Today is a reminder, not a precursor. It’s a caution against habits not based and balanced in faith. It’s a day that I’m reminded that my Heavenly Father sends rain and cold, and that I might as well put my hood up and open the gate because this is what He has given me today.

Never convince yourself that one day constitutes a pattern. Be it good or bad.|Tweet This|

“While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.” -God (Gen. 8:22)

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  • http://www.thedomesticfringe.com The Domestic Fringe

    “Never convince yourself that one day constitutes a pattern. Be it good or bad.” ~ I love that line. So much truth.

    It’s raining here too. I wanted to put my kid’s winter clothes away, except we keep grabbing at the sweaters. This is a crazy ‘summer’. I’m sitting here in the gray yuckiness watching it rain right now. Again.

    Praying for sunnier skies in Portugal and here too!

    • http://cbcpm.net Michael

      Thanks, FringeGirl. We put up winter stuff a few weeks ago. I keep reaching for the same sweatshirt and thinking it will be the last time for this year.

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