Ladies Christmas Get Together

Saturday night a few of us ladies from the mission in town went out to eat and exchange Christmas gifts. I’ve posted a few pictures. Even posted some of the food that we were served. Food is such a big part of the American culture that most everyone is curious about what we eat here.

Olives and bread are always brought to the table as soon as you sit down. But, you WILL be charged for them.

This is what I had for supper. (I shared this platter with three other ladies) But you always get rice and french fries with your meat. We had grilled chicken.

All the ladies.

Ms. Dawne and Lenny

  • thedomesticfringe

    I love hard crusty breads! Bread is my downfall and I blame my dad. He always had to have bread with every meal. We used to go to a Portugese restaurant sometimes and I’d get their chicken…I LOVED that chicken.

  • Sharon

    The food looks good and what huge portions! Is it meant to share or is that what they normally serve for one person?

    It’s always nice to get together with the Ladies. 🙂

  • Butler

    I just love ladies meetings,,
    so glad you know some ladies to
    have fellowship with………..

  • Leah

    That looks great! Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving too.

  • Starla

    That looked like a nice plate of food. Great photos!

  • Dani Joy

    I love your Christmas theme! thanks for checking in on Gijón too! 🙂 Love the bread and olives unfortunately so do my hips. jeje.
    Don´t know yet what we are going to do for our ladies Christmas meeting. I would love any ideas you may have. Last year we planned a recipe exchange in which some of my nieghbors came. I thought to do it again but then maybe there would be a better way to go about it.


    That looked like so much fun. I hope you all had as good a time as it looked like you are having. connie

  • Starr

    HEY! Wait a minute! Is that Dawn Hart in that pic? I think I’m starting to put 2 & 2 together! LOL
    We supported her parents as missionaries to Portugal – now they are in Mozambique.

  • ~K~

    I love visiting your blog! Someday I’ll have more photos on my blog. Someday….

  • Kelly Johnson

    I MISS the bread in Portugal. Fresh hot on my door every morning! Love the pictures and memories. My American ladies at church are learning that when we have a fellowship they must bring something, doce ou salgado. Just the way of it!
    Boa Noite!

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