Comme Si, Como What? English please.

Basically every night our supper table turns into a hodgepodge of languages. Up until recently it just ping-ponged from English to Portuguese, and whenever it got too far over to the latin side, I would come in sounding very authoritative. English please. We’re speaking English right now. When one starts … There's More →

Best of…July

It’s been a few months since we’ve done a collection of “best of” links here on the blog. So, go with us on a trip down memory lane. For those of you who don’t know, Nina started her blog, Portugal Bound, waaayyy back in 2007. It has gone through stops … There's More →

Lean into it

He holds his hands up, just above his head, palms skyward as he walks to the car. His head already wet from the morning cow-lick correction, he just wants to feel the rain on his palms. It’s better that way. It makes sense when you’re six. He finally relents and … There's More →

#2 Thing I Don’t Miss

I woke up itching on my forearms. A crazy sort of itch. Wild and hot…it burned the more I scratched, but I couldn’t stop scratching. I fumbled around in the medicine box and found some cortisone cream. I lathered it up and down my arms. Tried to go back to … There's More →

The Twitter-Tumbler All Influence Bowl

There’s a battle raging right now, and Facebook is winning. Instagram is up by 4 touchdowns midway through the fourth quarter, and your offense hasn’t been able to move the ball all day long. What used to work isn’t working any more, and your defense is all banged up. Your … There's More →

Hit the target

With a gold medal already in the bag, American shooter Matt Emmons was one shot away from double gold in the 2004 Athens Olympics. Matt was at the top of his game. He had already won the International Shooting Sport Federation Championship in 2002 and 2004. His final target was … There's More →

…in the hands of a mighty man…

Having 5 kids in Portugal makes you a lot of things. Don’t bother with what reality says, perception contradicts her. Having 5 kids definitely makes you a lot of things, pleasant or not. Having 5 kids at 38, in Portugal makes you even more things. If I were 88 with … There's More →

TCKs are cool!

TCKs are cool! Since you don’t want to be accused of being uncool by not knowing what TCKs are, you better go read our primer first, then come back. This post will still be here when you’re done. It’s not going anywhere. TCKs or Third Culture Kids are, as you … There's More →

Taking a Copy

“What took you so long in there?” I asked Brooklyn after I came to a complete stop so she could get in the van. I was in the middle of the 2nd point of a 3 point turn when she began to tap on the window for me to open … There's More →

Dad is great! Give us chocolate cake!

I’m a single parent until Thursday, and although I’m not fighting back tears right now, it will probably happen some time in the next few days. For those of you leaping to conclusions right about now, our marriage is strong. No lawyers are being contacted. Instead, Nina had a wonderful … There's More →

Don’t go with the bad guys

Our six year old son, Justice is at school right now. He’s smack dab in the middle of 24 other first graders. But, he’s not like those 24 other kids. He’s different, in a lot of ways. Not better. Different. He’s American. Blond hair, and fair skinned. He’s not Catholic. … There's More →

Pepper Spraying Seventh Graders?

As reported today by the University of the Minho’s radio station, a protest by a group of seventh grade students of the Escola Secundária de Alberto Sampaio (Alberto Sampaio High School) quickly spiraled out of control when the PSP (Polícia de Segurança Pública, equivalent to the local police) used pepper spray to … There's More →


You guys were so sweet to me last week when I had my little meltdown. Thank you for all of your words of encouragement.

Our Latest Prayer Letter (October 2012)

 Below is our latest prayer letter that will be sent out in the mail early next week. If you keep up with our updates here online, then most of this information you already know. However, I still hope you enjoy hearing about what the Lord is doing here in northern … There's More →

Link – A Baby Named Faith

Nina’s been very busy today, and she doesn’t feel very well either. She’s struggled with a strange virus for the past couple of days and just tried to “soldier on” rather than getting back in bed. The thought of blogging didn’t sound very appetizing to her, so I just wanted … There's More →

“Friend Friday” with the Contreras Family in Spain

For today’s Friend Friday conversation, we have a couple of friends and neighbors visiting. Joseph and Danielle (or Joe and Dani) live in the northern Spanish region of Asturias. They came to visit us one time, and sadly we have not been able to return the favor, yet. They have … There's More →

Whatcha’ Preaching? (Lord, it hurts!)

I’ve got a heavenly Father. He adopted me in 1997. When no one else wanted me, He did. He chose me…just because he loved me. Not because I was good, because I wasn’t. Not because I was special, because I wasn’t then and I’m not today. Not because I could … There's More →

Out of the mouth of babes…

…or third graders! Last week we shared about what all went on during VBS and how on day 3 we were able to offer all the older kids some Witness Wear. It’s a little bracelet with symbols that tell the gospel story – Jesus came to earth, died on the … There's More →

Whatcha’ Preaching Pre-empted by VBS (Day 3)

I asked another pastor to fill the pulpit today because of our 3 day VBS that finished yesterday afternoon. So, instead of our regular piece here about today’s message, I’ll give you a few thoughts about our last day with the kiddos. VBS wouldn’t be complete without a water balloon … There's More →

What’s the big deal? (VBS Day 2)

It may not really seem like a big deal to you, but it was a great big, fat, huge deal for me. Nope. Not the fact that a whole bunch of kids came back for the 2nd day of VBS. Uh-uh. not even the fact that while some couldn’t come … There's More →

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