Justified Rebellion?

Am I justified in my rebellion to my husband when he sat me down this morning with a printed out calendar? (Thanks a lot Fringe Girl.)  A calendar he thought would help me ‘plan’ my future blog posts.  I just don’t feel the ‘anointing’ anymore….my writing days are done.  He has tried so hard to keep our blog going.  To keep everyone Stateside current on our daily lives.  We want to be the missionary family that corresponds well with their supporters.  We certainly don’t want to be ‘out of sight, out of mind.’  We need to be prayed for, and we need the support checks to keep coming.



Been there…done that.

That’s my take on blogging.


Back in my heyday, I enjoyed it,  had several regular readers and actually wondered what life was like without a blog.


Now I know….it’s…well, it’s life.


The same as it was before October 2007 when I first hear the word ‘blog’ and googled it.

I immediately thought. “Hey!  I can do that….my life is an open book anyway…I can tell the world about it!”


I had fun….Portugal Bound was my way of sharing all the neat, fun, scary and most often frustrating facts about moving a family of seven to the mission field.  I had something ‘new’ to share about our lives.


Next month, we will have been in Portugal 5 years.  Nothing feels ‘new’ anymore.  Experiences that used to be odd, are now normal.  The market is still stinky, crazy and loaded with people….I’m just used to it now.  The winters are still miserable, but now I know what to expect and I know what helps me make it through the dark, cold rainy days.  I have a little experience under my belt now.  So the things that used to make me do this…

Mama Fit

Mama Fit

..are now, just a normal day in this missionary mama’s life.  I don’t want to seem boring now, after such excitement.


So….I rebelled.  Told him quite frankly, that he knows how I feel about blogging.  It’s like a good diet.  One that you lost 20 pounds on.  Felt great….but then after 2 years, the weight was back on.  You try that same diet once more, and nope.  Doesn’t work like it once did.  Just. not. the. same.


I was ugly really to my well intending ‘Love’……like I am most days I’m afraid.  Pray for my husband.


And I didn’t even say I was sorry.

I need to go do something right quick…..


But, before I go. I just wanted to say to be looking for more regular posts from me.  Updates about our lives and the ministry from my point of view.  I made a promise to post at least twice a month….surely I can do that, right?

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  • http://www.thedomesticfringe.com The Domestic Fringe

    You’re not boring. All of our lives are made up of the every day stuff. I don’t blog about anything exciting either, just regular old hum-drum and somehow people read, want to read. We want to hear your regular stuff too!

    Twice a month? Piece of cake, and not that diet cake either. 😉

    By the way, sorry about the whole calendar thing. I feel a little bit like I got you in trouble for not completing your school assignment. You’ve officially been sent to the principal’s office.
    The Domestic Fringe recently posted..Whatcha Readin’? – Lobster Rolls & Blueberry PieMy Profile

    • http://cbcpm.net Nina

      ..and that’s exactly how it feels when he says, “Honey…can I talk to you for a minute?” – Like I’m going into the principal’s office! 😉

      Thanks for your sweet words…boring or not…twice a month…I’m writing something.

      Did you get your rooster and hot sauce? (The principal wants to know)
      Nina recently posted..Justified Rebellion?My Profile

  • http://www.thedomesticfringe.com The Domestic Fringe

    Not yet, but I’ll be sure to let you know when I do! Thank you. I think I’ll schedule a blog post for that. 😉
    The Domestic Fringe recently posted..Whatcha Readin’? – Lobster Rolls & Blueberry PieMy Profile

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1112265146 William Harper

    Sooo, the principal wants you to be more disciplined and faithful in blogging because??? Maybe so he doesn’t have to write prayer letters? 🙂 (Time for me to write our prayer letter)

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1483945882 Michael-Nina Andrzejewski

      Bro. Harper…..Prayer letters might be near the top of the list, “Worst things about being a missionary.”


  • wanda williams

    I miss your blogging! Tell my son in law not to be so hard on my baby girl! lol
    Its a blessing to me when I read y’all’s post!
    I love you, Mom

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1483945882 Michael-Nina Andrzejewski

      awwww…..thanks mom….I love you too….

  • http://ahomefarfromhome.blogspot.com/ Tori

    Hey I miss your blog. I went there the either day and then I remembered you weren’t there any more. You know I quit blogging to for a while, I was just like you. Fine it took a little longer than 5 years, hey 13 years ago blogs weren’t even known about so that’s why it took so much longer but a couple years ago I burnt out too but I hung on. I love my blog and I go back every so often and look through old photos on my blog, it’s packed with memories and I kept I.
    Anyhow, miss your posts. You family is growing like crazy. How old is your oldest girl? She looks like my Hannah braces and all.
    Tori recently posted..My very first, "Join me for coffee" #1My Profile

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