It’s Not The Same

In reference to my previous post, I was able to get a little video of the fireworks that are so loud. Remember, there is nothing to see really, only hear. There isn’t a thing that’s pretty about these things, only incredibly annoying. Make sure your volume is all the way up….it’ll make it a little more realistic. –(I even gave a little red neck hoot at the end of the video…I’m so embarrassed!)

  • Pam–in Jerusalem

    Wow, those are annoying. When you mentioned fireworks before I thought there was at least a pretty display in the sky. How many days do you have to put up with this??

  • Tori

    Yea, that sounded a little redneck to me!
    Man those things were loud, better there than here!

  • Butler

    Great hoot.. Mrs Nina,
    Don’t be embarrassed that’s just what you remember from the states. When we see fireworks we can’t help ourself. Justice is so all boy thats a good thing.The next step for animals as he gets older is hunting them,Mine think if its not a pet you need to kill it, (so sad). Good job Brooklyn.. I would love to see the whole house on video.
    love you Becka.

  • Starla

    LOL!!! It sounded like you were under attack!!!!


    That sounded like gun fire. I am sure glad that it wasn’t. I knew for sure it wasn’t when I heard the redneck yell and the laughter. Good for you. If it has to be annoying might as well make it fun.

    Thank you for your visits to my blog. I am so sorry I have not been able to visit for these past few weeks. Hopefully things are more back to normal now. Looking forward to visiting with you often. Have a wonderful day. connie

  • Anonymous

    How did Major react to this noise?

  • Anonymous

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