In Case You Haven’t Heard (Oct. 29th)

“In case you haven’t heard” will be a semi-regular post here about a myriad of subjects thrown together with very little commentary by me.

Strange news stories, stuff that has to do with Portugal…just whatever. Treat it like you normally would. Read it, delete it, share it, but as always, feel free to comment below.

Pastors Experiencing Homelessness to Help the Homeless – A key quote from the article. “I felt like we were just putting a Band-Aid on things,” he said. “I wanted to understand what it (homelessness) is to find out how to meet their needs better.” A noble endeavor as far as I’m concerned. 
Pray that the President would – A blog post about a list that Pastor Charles Stanley made in regards to President Obama. I don’t agree with the blogger, but she does make a good point about whether or not Stanley did the same thing with past presidents. She said, “Can’t remember ever hearing him comment about George W. Bush or Bill Clinton for that matter. Dr. Stanley based his list on 1 Timothy 2:1-5.”
Magnetic brain stimulation cures depression – Interesting.
Dengue not a threat in Europe – Good news to hear after there being several cases reported in Madeira. 
Nepali language newspaper….in Portugal? – Wonderful! But how many people in Portugal can actually read it?
  • FringeGirl

    Fun idea! Interesting news. 🙂


    • Michael Andrzejewski

      Thank you! How’s the weather there?

  • myinvisiblecrown1

    This is pretty neat! It’s cool to see news types items that I normally wouldn’t run across. Still can’t get your feeds and I have no clue why!!!

    • Michael Andrzejewski

      I can’t figure it out either. I see D’s email as signed up to get them. Is he?
      It is really easy to do a post like this one. Put in a Google alert for the topic(s) you’re looking for and then weed through the one’s that interest you.

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