In Case You Haven’t Heard (Nov. 5, 2012)

Here are three links for a Monday, just in case you haven’t heard about these stories. A politics-free zone today before the election tomorrow.

Special Team – A feel good article by ESPN’s Rick Reilly “All of a sudden, Chy started coming home as her bubbly self again. When her mom asked why she was so happy, she said, “I’m eating lunch with my boys!””

Emigration: More unemployed are leaving the country – Portugal – This is a regular problem. Because of problems here, the best and brightest go elsewhere looking for higher paying jobs. The Prime Minister is actually telling people to leave! By the way, did you know that the Portuguese Prime Minister’s name when translated is “Peter Rabbit”?

First Portuguese Bank Bond Sold Since 2010 – This probably doesn’t interest you much, but can you guess which bank it was that sold these bonds? If you guessed “The Holy Spirit Bank” you would be right!

Have a wonderful week. Feel free to submit links for the next In Case You Haven’t Heard. You can do it via email, in the comments, through Facebook or Twitter. Carrier pigeon is about the only thing that might not make it here in time.

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