In case you haven’t heard (Nov. 27th)

More financial crisis, Portugal good place to start a business, depression during the holidays and more during this edition of “In case you haven’t heard”.

Read what you want, ignore the rest and comment if you have any thoughts.

The Sound of Crisis – Portugal and Poland are too poor to send contestants to participate in Eurovision. This is the first time in 48 years that Portugal will not participate. It can’t afford the entrance fees.

Startups in Portugal – A surprising blog post about the new wave of entrepreneurs in Portugal. A friend of mine attended the Silicon Valley comes to Lisbon conference last week. He said it was fantastic.

Starting and Growing a Business – A link from the previous article. Also very surprising in its own right. Pedro Rocha Vieira, President – Beta-i says, “Portugal is home to a highly skilled workforce with strong knowledge in strategic clusters such as IT, creative industries, tourism, transportation, life sciences, and textile.” Everything that I am seeing is that the best and brightest young Portuguese people are being forced to look for gainful employment elsewhere. Also, TOTAL TAX RATE AS % OF PROFIT – 43.3 as cited in the article tells me that it is not a very small business oriented tax rate.

Depression and Controlling My Thoughts During the Holidays – No Bible basis here. Purely secular, but we know there is a cure – “…looking unto Jesus…” As an aside, Nina always sings this while sarcastically teasing the kids about how terrible their lives are: “Nobody likes me. Everybody hates me. Think I’ll go eat worms.”

Portugal troops leave East Timor – Bordering Indonesia, East Timor is a former Portuguese colony with a great need for the gospel. I would love to visit one day to see the conditions and pray for the Lord to send more servants there.

Prison Hardships Rise in PortugalHeart-breaking: “We’re in a situation of such austerity that many prisoners don’t even apply for prison leave because at least their meals are paid inside,” Mr. Rebelo said. “It’s the first time I’ve seen this, but it seems families just don’t have the means to welcome prisoners back at home.” Even more so…Former inmates claim basic items like shampoo and detergent, previously distributed free, must now be bought, from guards who overcharge and pocket the difference. “In a crisis, corruption takes whatever little money is available out of the system,” Mr. Santos said.


  • the domestic fringe

    “Nobody likes me. Everybody hates me. Think I’ll go eat worms.” lol. I pretty much wrote about that today. Too funny. I think I’ll sing this to myself.

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