In Case You Haven’t Heard (Nov. 13, 2012)

Before getting to the “In case you haven’t heard” links today, I just wanted to say that I got two encouraging emails yesterday. One came from a supporting pastor whose church is experiencing financial difficulties. He wanted to make all of the missionaries they support aware and to ask for prayer. Now, knowing the situation, we can pray for the church more specifically. The second email I received was from a young church planter that is praying about coming to Portugal! While I don’t know all the details and haven’t spoken to him yet, I rejoice knowing that the Lord is still calling people to “Go” into all the world and to make disciples.

Thank you, Lord.

Now, here are the stories for today.

If you really  want to know the state of the Portuguese economy, look no further than this article, “Portuguese head to former African colony to escape the Euro crisis”. It is a reality that we are seeing on a daily, not weekly basis.

On a similar note, because of the crisis, there has to be cutbacks. Regardless of whether it is America or Portugal, austerity, as it is called in Europe is a foregone conclusion. The cuts are deep and sometimes I wonder how folks are getting by. Protests like this will only increase. “Merkel, in anxious Lisbon, hails austerity drive”.

I would love to live in a house like this one, but I’m not quite sure how the lawn mowing is done. A Living Green Face of 4,500 Plants Adorns Portugal’s House in Travessa de Patrocinio | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

I don’t really know where to file this one, but here you go…Calvary Chapel Pastor Sues Son for Cyberbullying

The picture in this article looks almost identical to our beloved friend Major that passed away recently. Depression: Lincoln’s black dog does raise the question as to what we would do if we knew how badly most people struggled.

That’s all for this week. Shoot me a link if you find something interesting!

  • the domestic fringe

    My father has been telling me how bad the economy is in Portugal right now. He foresees losing his job in the future and if that happens, he says there’s no way he will find another job. They just are not there. I have a Portuguese cousin who just came back to the States for work. Sometimes we (maybe just me) in America can’t see past our own economy to realize just how bad much of Europe is doing.


    • Michael

      There are a ton of people over here without work. The number of college graduates without work is scary, and the worst part is that some of the best and hardest workers are the ones who eventually find work some where else making a whole lot more money than they would have here. Portugal needs industry, but their taxes are not business friendly.

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