In Case You Haven’t Heard – Feb. 11, 2013

A few light links for a Monday, just in case you haven’t heard about these stories. The kids are out of school through Thursday for Carnaval. We’ll see what we can get into over the next few days! Here are the links.

Airlines threaten to pull out of Portugal – “Some are even thinking of abandoning or reducing their spaces in main Portuguese airports. This is clearly taking advantage of the monopoly, on ANA’s behalf, which is completely unaffordable within the cost structures of airlines”, RENA said, adding “The reduction or closure of routes will be a natural consequence of this pricing policy which is completely misplaced and inadequate to the situation of the market and of the country.”

Brazilians heading home from Portugal – We have seen this to be true, lately. “The European financial crisis is reversing old migration paths. Many Brazilians are now moving out of Portugal and back to their home country.” The article also states, “Today, the tables have turned. Portugal is struggling with its national debt and the economy is almost stagnant. At the same time Brazil is flourishing. The unemployment rate there is about six percent, while it is over 15 percent in Portugal.”

Special K may help depression – A horse tranquilizer? Even so come, Lord Jesus. Here’s the money quote, “Although ketamine is fast acting, it’s not necessarily long lasting. The benefits of one dose last about a week, scientists say, and large doses could cause dangerous side effects. So doctors are working to find the lowest dose possible that works, but with the fewest side effects.”

Using Botox to treat depression – They’ll try anything! “According to one doctor, patients with tense frown muscles are more likely to be depressed and treating these muscles with Botox injections erases the tension and improves the mood. New studies are now underway to provide the evidence required to scientifically sustain this anecdotal claim.”

The secrets of Grand Central Train Station – Some cool info in this interactive: “The clocks are fast: Every single schedule on display in Grand Central Terminal is off by one minute. It’s not a mistake, either. It’s intended to give people a little extra time.” Who knew?

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