In Case You Haven’t Heard (Dec. 21st)

15633160-illustration-with-a-counter-calendar-december-21Since the world hasn’t ended yet, I thought I might do a blog post just for posterity’s sake. So, in today’s in case you haven’t heard, read about  the imprisonment of an American pastor in Iran, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), lower taxes in Portugal, and more.

Iran Imprisons and Abuses American Pastor – Probably the most disturbing but not surprising news story for today.
It’s tough to imagine the courage it takes to not only convert from Islam but to then lead an evangelistic house-church effort within Iran itself. Then, when confronted by the Revolutionary Guard and forced to cease evangelism, Pastor Saeed didn’t abandon Iran but continued a humanitarian effort apart from his evangelism.
Lack of sunlight causing increase in depression – If you don’t believe this is real, try living in a place where you don’t see the sun for weeks at a time because of the constant rain. 
Daylight is important to maintaining mood and energy, but we’re now at the point where we get only about nine hours of light every day. The lack of light, as well as cold and cloudy weather, can have a negative affect on your mood.
Portugal moves to cut corporate tax – I’ve been saying that Portugal needs to do this for four years now. To turn the economy around, they need more industry. To have more industry, they’ve got to attract more businesses. 
The government is in talks with the European Commission’s competition agency in Brussels to get approval to cut the tax on corporate income for new investors to 10% from the current 25%, the minister, Alvaro Santos Pereira, said in an interview.
Genuine Piri Piri Restaurant – If you ever find yourself in Dubai and want Portuguese food, here’s an option. 
So we trusted the waiter and started with the clams (in his eyes, it seemed there was no other option), as well as the piri piri chicken wings. The second the clams hit the table, the wonderful aroma of the grape
and parsley-packed sauce hit me, and the flavour of this elegant and buttery concoction continued to delight.
  • William Harper

    We totally get the sunlight thing! Sunrise is about 9:00 AM, sunset around 4:00 PM for us now in Lithuania.

    • Michael

      I think that today is when the days start slowly getting longer until daylight savings time. Stay warm, brother.

  • The Domestic Fringe

    Lack of sunlight is definitely an issue. We have a problem with that here too. I have a friend in Maine who goes to a tanning bed for a few months in the winter, simply to help fight depression. The doctors here don’t even check for vitamin D deficiency. They say it would be a waste of money, because nearly everyone has it.

    Glad we’re all still here to read another blog post. 😉


  • Stefanie Whaley

    I agree with your sunlight post. I miss the nice warm GA sun!

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