I hated life – 4 easy steps to wreck your life

No, I didn’t say that. Solomon did. He wasn’t just unhappy. He said, “I hated life…” in Ecclesiastes 2:17. Pretty strong words from a king. Sounds more like what the average teenager says 36 times a day, only in the present tense and with a “my” sandwiched between the hate and life.

But, why? Didn’t Solomon have it all?

Power, fame, money, toys, women.

Junk that people scratch and claw and fight to have every single day, and most times when they have it, they hate it. Better said, they hate their lives for what that junk has turned those lives into. So, what steps led him to hate his life?

By Kyle Reed on Creationswap.com

By Kyle Reed on Creationswap.com

How did he go from wanting it all to having it all and hating it? In four easy installments. It took Solomon just 4 steps to wreck his life. Here’s how I see it.

  • He took the bridle off of his heart. Before hating life he said this, “I said in mine heart, Go to now, I will prove thee with mirth, therefore enjoy pleasure…” (Ecc. 2:1) He went unchecked in his passions. When normally the sky is the limit, he went clear into outer space. 
  • He became a drunk. “I sought in my heart to give myself unto wine.” (Ecc. 2:3) If throwing yourself headlong into hedonism doesn’t make you hate your life, mixing it with alcohol certainly will. If you want to ruin your life, drink way too much, way too often. It will destroy your body, muddle your mind and drive away all of your friends and family. See Proverbs 23:29-35 for more proof.
  • He only thought about one person. Himself. In verses 4-9 all he talks about is “I” and “me”. Everything Solomon did, he did for himself. He pleased himself. He built monuments to himself. He made himself rich, and he forgot about everyone else. Maybe because at this time they were already gone due to his drinking and carousing. Or, maybe it was the selfishness that drove them away. Too bad he hadn’t heeded his own advice from Proverbs 18:24. If you want friends, you better be a friend.
  • He realized that none of it mattered. It was all absolutely worthless in eternity. It would waste away. Memories would fade. Somebody else would benefit from it after he was gone. He finally realized that he couldn’t take it with him, and that drove him crazy.

There you have it. Lifestyles of the rich and famous, the biblical version.

You don’t want this life, so don’t go down this road. Fear God and keep His commandments. True joy and self-worth is found on in the Lord Jesus.

  • Missionary Clayton Morris (Romania)

    Very good thoughts with a clear Scriptural presentation of what the Lord shows us can happen if we refuse His commandment of “be ye Holy, for I am Holy”. Keep your eyes focused on Jesus, He is coming… ~ Phil. 4:13 <

    • http://cbcpm.net Michael

      Bro. Morris, thanks for the note and the encouragement. We pray that the Lord is taking care of you all in Romania and that you are staying warm. Even so come, Lord Jesus.

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